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If you were a flower which would you be?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) September 2nd, 2012

Either paste a link to an image or just describe in great detail!


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A Morning Glory, my all time favorite!
I am a vine addict and have been collecting all my morning glory seeds lately, they are still blooming like crazy and I love hunting for their seed pods every night for next years crop.
I also have 2 Purple morning glory blooms tattooed on my right ankle with a half anklet vine. They are symbolic of some major unfoldings for me, and they represent beauty, tenaciousness and climbing to great heights even when conditions are less than favorable. :-)

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It would have to be a rose. No other flower smells as wonderful as a rose.

Here is one I grow and is my absolute fav.

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@uberbatman I have never seen one before. Very unusual looking!

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@Cruiser they’re amazing. They’re a really fast growing vine. And if you get the right species you’ll get delicious passion fruit out of them too :) They’re a really tropical flower but I have no problem growing them in NJ during summer/fall and they can take a good bit of neglect it seems.

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@uberbatman Does it survive the NJ winter or do you have to plant a new one every year?

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@Cruiser They’ll survive if you bring them inside where they can get a good bit of light but be warm otherwise, no you have to replant. I usually keep some in a pot that are easy to bring inside and then every spring I make clones and plant them around the house.

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@uberbatman I just bought a hibiscus I will be needing to do this with. I may give the PF a try in a container as well. Thanks for the info.

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Gerber Daisy’s because they just seem like happy flowers.

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Does anyone have a favorite weed? Right now I have a grove of Mule Ears that are 6 feet tall, I will not allow my gardener to chop down my aliens. I love them, of course they make great hiding places for rattlesnakes too. lol

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@Coloma I think you can guess what my favorite weed is :P

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@Coloma I grew an almost 9’ tall Mullein this summer! The thing was kinda cool looking.

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@Cruiser OMG! I LOVE it! Yes, that is exactly what I have, dozens of them, they ARE cool!

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That’s so funny that @Chyna and me picked the same Flower. We keep finding things that we have in common : ) Gerbers are feminine without being too girly and they’re a bit more casual, than say a rose. And they’re kind of like hippy flowers.

However if I was going to get a bit dolled up, for a special occasion, I would transform myself into a Peony They’re beautiful and suitable for fancy occasions, but they’re still very comfortable looking and not stuffy.

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They’re my favourite flower and I would suit being one I think :)
They smell really beautiful too.

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An oriental lily because they are so fragrant and long-lasting.

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It’s hard to choose, but a Clematis like this would be beautiful. I would love to be a vine always climbing towards the sun. Purple is always good too!

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Cosmos, growing en masse with others.

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A candy striped carnation. I love the scent and they have a very neat, crisp and well kept blossom.

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