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What girl names mean 'gift of God' or 'sent by God'?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) September 2nd, 2012

So I’m writing a story about a girl who dies, goes to heaven, learns about Christ and is sent back to her family to lead them to Jesus. When she goes back, she is a new person. She’s the same age as before, though two years have passed when she’s adopted by the family she’s meant to save. She looks completely different and has a new name. The problem is I can’t think of a name! I want a name that means sent by God or a messenger of God or something like that. A pretty name that’s easy to say and not too long. Any ideas?

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Try this website:

One of the search options is “search for words in meanings.”

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Here’s a whole list of names related to gift.

The closest to the Aramaic is Matthew. So for a girl you could use “Mattie” or “Madison”.

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In Arabic, “Kinza” means “treasure from heaven.”

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Here are some possibilities based on your plot line. Not all of them mean sent by God or gift of God but there are some that would really fit your idea. Personally, I like Renee because it means “born again”. That is so perfect for your story and it’s a pretty name too. But I also like Davina because it is unusual and because it means “beloved”. But Dorothea means “God’s gift’. So that is the closest I could find to what you were looking for.

This word originates from the Greek word ‘Anastasios’ meaning ‘resurrection’. Two popes and more than twenty saints bore this name.
From the Greek word ‘Angelos’ meaning ‘messenger of God’.
Derived from the name ‘Angel’.
A form of ‘Angela’.  A shortened form of ‘Angela’.
Derived from Latin and means ‘heavenly’. A popular name in France and elsewhere in Europe.
The Female form of ‘David’. An alternative spelling for the name is ‘Davinia’. The meaning is ‘beloved’.
The English form of ‘Dorothea’ which is the female Latin name of ‘Dorotheus’ meaning ‘God’s gift’.Elizabeth
Comes from the Hebrew word ‘Elisheba’ which means ‘devoted to God’. Aaron’s wife as well as the mother of John the Baptist bore this name. It can also be spelled with an (s) as ‘Elisabeth’. Short forms include ‘Elise’ (French), ‘Elisa’ and ‘Elsa’ (English).
The origin of this name goes to the Latin word ‘evangelium’ which means ‘good’ tidings.
A French name derived from the Latin meaning ‘born again’.
This name has Latin origin and it means ‘truth’. This name was not very common until after the nineteenth century.
Comes from the Greek meaning ‘life’. It was a popular Christian name in the Byzantine period.

Good luck with your story!
Wow, zenvelo there were a lot of cool and unusual names in that list !

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Dorothy or Dorothea, Theadora

oops, too late

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Theodora=gift from God.

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Nathania, is the female version of Nathan. Meaning God has given.

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