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How come I can't remember anything lately?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) September 2nd, 2012

I’m 22 and lately I’ve been having a really hard time remembering things. I’ll think of something then a few seconds later completely forget. Then a few minutes I’ll remember. This doesn’t happen a lot, in fact I’d say maybe a few times a year. But lately (as in the past month and a half) I’ve been having trouble remember things. Not big things, just forgetting for a second. I don’t know why it’s happening. It’s annoying. I just started taking fish oil that I bought from GNC (1500MG) and I hope it’ll work. I’ve heard taking fish oil is good for memory and the brain. It’s annoying and I don’t know what it could be, help :(

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and no I don’t do any drugs or alcohol. I’m 22 so I know I’m way too young for this, what else could it be?

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Stress and lack of sleep can be a cause, or just poor eating habits or even low sugar. People forget that the brain needs glucose to function and so many diets try to cut all sugars out. Low iron or vitamin B can also be the culprit.
I would suggest, keeping a regular sleep schedule, eat better and try to relax more.
There is one more thing I can think of. Sinus problems or sleep apnea can cause you to have poor sleep and that may be the cause as well. There are so many things, so try to rule them out one by one.

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@Pandora Thank you so much! <3

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I agree with @Pandora. Stress, lack of sleep, being overworked or overwhelmed, being sick. All of these things can affect your memory.

Now.. what was I doing…?

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Try writing events down in your planner as you go through out the day. Also set a mandatory time like, 7pm or 8pm where you actually look at the planner at night to review what needs to be done. (Because anyone can write down what they need to do, it’s looking at it and planning to attack those goals at a particular time that’s the trickiest)

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I can vouch for stress being a factor. I used to think it sounded ridiculous that such a tiny thing as stress could effect someone so greatly.

One time, for about a minute or so, I couldn’t remember the alphabet. Thankfully my life is now a lot more stress-free than it was when that happened.

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I hear you @digitalimpression. I forget names, words, ridiculous things when I’m stressed.

@partyrock, when it happens if you think stress might be the cause, take a minute to breath and usually whatever it is will come back. If you find it happening a lot (do as I say not as I do time) try to factor in some time out. Fun. Go for a walk.

Are you stressed?

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I get that, and I am under stress, maybe don’t stress about it !!

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Look at what is going on and see what is causing stress so you can be aware and take steps to lower it.

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Maybe you got hit in the head or you are just getting old.

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Add me to the list that suggests the likely culprit is stress and sleep-related issues.

Our culture has become progressively more stressful, in the tendency to always be multi-tasking… I have learned to become more zen-like in my approach to things, and find that it helps me focus better on the task at hand, but also to feel less stressed overall.

Other factors that prevent us from being at our best are anxiety, worry and preoccupation, because again, we are not giving our full attention to what we are doing in the moment.

Disrupted sleep can be as troublesome as lack of sleep, so if there are external factors (noise, pets) that disturb your sleep cycle, do what you can to reduce or eliminate those disruptions. This is a big issue for parents of young children… I barely remember my son’s first 3 years of life because of sleep problems and stress.

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When I am stressed out, I always have memory problems.
When people ask me about something that I don’t remember, I can usually connect it to a very stressful time.
Unfortunately, this is one of those times.

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You should also get your thyroid checked. Even a slightly low thyroid level can cause you to have a foggy and forgetful feeling. Thyroid disease can also cause dry itchy skin, dull dried out hair that tangles easily, nails that easily break and split, depression, low energy and feeling cold all the time.

I just mention this because it gets overlooked frequently, and the symptoms can be so mild and seem unrelated that it gets forgotten as a possibly cause of depression and forgetfulness.

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We all lose our car keys and glasses; we all walk from room A to room B and then wonder why; we all click off.

I find that being mindful helps; I now put my car keys in only one place (on a clip in my purse) for example and try to have strict routines for the routines.

And being stressed also distracts you; while taking your vitamin D3 gel tab, you are obsessing about something. Five minutes later you cannot remember whether you took the tab or not.

Try eating real wild salmon twice a week…but don’t expect miracles.

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@partyrock Give it a bit. You’ll wonder where the memory went. Write stuff down. That’s the best defense.

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