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Why is a bull's eye called a bull's eye?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Google searching didn’t give a quick answer. Do you know or have a guess?

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the same reason a cow’s eye is called a cows eye. LOL

sorry i don’t know.

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Maybe simply because a bull is a pretty large animal and it’s eye is relatively small – and therefore hard to hit!

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According to Since the 17th century, “bull’s-eye” has been used as a term for almost anything small and circular, especially if it protrudes slightly, forming a hemispherical bump resembling the protruding eye of a bull or cow. Thus, at various times, “bull’s-eye” has been used to designate a thick piece of glass set into the deck of a ship to illuminate the lower decks, a one-crown coin of British currency, a globular piece of candy, and a small circular window, among other things. So although the spot in the center of a target doesn’t protrude like a real “bull’s eye,” it is small and circular and thus fit the popular definition of “bull’s-eye.”

There is also speculation that the “bull” part may derive from Latin “bulla” which means root or small round object.

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