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What would be a good title for a poster based on Monsters, Inc.?

Asked by JessK (599points) September 3rd, 2012

I’m making a poster for second graders that basically compares Monsters, Inc. to a neuron. The scare floor is the cell body, the rail that carries the doors to the big room where they sort the doors is the axon, and Randall is chasing Boo & friends (who are the neural impulse) so they have to get to her door (one of the axon ends). I can’t come up with a title for the life of me! Go crazy, and thanks!

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What about having the students come up with a title for the poster? Explain the comparison between neurons and the picture, and then let them brain-storm and come to a consensus for a title. If led correctly, it becomes a good team building exercise, as well as the neuron lesson.

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Lights, camera…axon!

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Gosh, that’s a cute idea. :)

Neurons, Inc.?

Here’s another lead… in Monsters, Inc. one of the story elements was an energy crisis, and neurons rely on electricity. Maybe you could find a pun in there somewhere.

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I dont have an idea for a title but I got to say thats an awesome idea. Very creative and a great way to teach children.

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To scare or not to scare
That is the signal

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