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Obama and Clinton? Yeah, more politics...

Asked by autumnofage (465points) June 3rd, 2008

Who thinks Obama will be more or less forced to choose Clinton and if Clinton is chosen do you think it would go well or be a nightmare?

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I think there is so much animosity between their two camps that there would be too much infighting.

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Not a chance. I will bet a Fluther t-shirt to the first person that thinks he will pick Hillary. If he picks her I will buy you a shirt. If he doesn’t you have to donate 20$ to a charity of my choosing. First come, first served.

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okay I might take that bet – because, due to my assassination worries, I’m wondering if having the “threat” of a female VP would dissuade would-be assasins. Having to kill her off too would be way too obvious.

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I take the bet!

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I think the chances of an assassination would increase if Clinton was in line for the presidency.
I guess I buy my own shirt….

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Why can’t she just back out already?

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Deal. If he picks Hillary as a VP I will buy you a shirt. If he doesn’t you donate 20$ to Doctors Without Borders. I already plan on getting a shirt so the money going to charity would be ideal.

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It is on.. Sucker. :-)

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Looks like JP won this bet. At least the money is going to Doctors without Borders. That’s a great cause!

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Do you want it in your name or do you trust my word? (I have the page all filled out, just gotta click submit. If you want it in your name, I guess I need your address and things like that…)

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Your name is fine.

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I did this a few weeks back when you didn’t respond. (ha) Good things come to those who don’t wait.

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