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What do you think of Jon Stewart's send-up of the Republican Convention?

Asked by ETpro (34415points) September 4th, 2012

You can watch two short clips here covering the best of class, or catch a clip of the whole episode on Comedy Central. Isn’t it a sad day when you have to turn to a comedy show to get real news and fact checking? Thank goodness we do still have comedians.

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I liked the Romney Biography narrated by Spock, and the Glengarry Glenn Ross Style ripping of Republican states.
I also liked when Herman Cain was on and Stewart embarassed him by pulling up politifact to prove wrong what Cain was claiming. Priceless.

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I always love Jon.

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I agree that it is indeed a sad day if you have to turn to comedians and a comedy show to verify your facts.

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Thanks for sharing that @ETpro . He da man!

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Comedy is funny because it always has some truth to it.
Politics is unfunny because it does not.

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The show’s referring to the Clint Eastwood fiasco as “The Old Man and The Seat” had me in stitches.

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On another question, I mentioned this piece (about 7 minutes in) that John Oliver did on the slogan “We can change it”. I thought that was awesome.

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@jerv Can you honestly tell me that our politics on it’s own especially at this very time is not funny as hell??

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Comediologists say that surprise is at the root of humor.
The Republican convention was not off the scale, but had plenty to offer in the ‘funny” department.

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@Cruiser Yea but its funny in a sad kind of way lol

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@Cruiser I agree with @uberbatman here; on its own, politics is only funny in a “laugh so you don’t cry” sort of way.

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Aww @jerv you are waffling again…so you are telling me those were tears of shielded sadness when watching Jon Stewarts video rants??? I laughed my ass off as he and his writers nailed it. Funny as hell side splitting political humor at it’s very best!

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@Cruiser No, I am telling you that I do not laugh my ass off watching C-span. Political comedy is still comedy.

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I need to check out the back episodes, but the one on 8–28, the first ten minutes had me rolling on the floor.

I live in Tampa. It’s all. So. True.

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