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Does anyone have any experiences of hearing voices inside their heads?

Asked by nebule (16436points) September 4th, 2012

First of all I don’t think I’m bonkers…but who can tell eh? In all seriousness it occurred to me last night whilst trying to get to sleep that I was hearing voices inside my head; people with specific voices, not my own, in different dialects talking about really random subjects that I know nothing about.

This happens to me somewhat frequently but I’ve just ignored it before thinking that it was something to do with the TV or books or radio… but I’m not so sure…I has happened to me all my life in fact and as a child it was quite scary at times. I’ve just been reading this website and find some of what it has to say very interesting.

I also have visions as well, scenes happen in my head that have nothing to do with anything I have seen or watched; this also happened last night. They are really very specific too..I couldn’t recall the image or conversation specifically now (from last night) but I know that at the time it was incredibly vivid and more so than any dream. I was fully conscious.

I’m wondering if anyone else has experiences like this? And if you want to proffer your explanation I’d love to hear it. I guess I am a little concerned about my mental health but as this has happened to me for a long time… I’m just intrigued and perplexed really….

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