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What questions are you willing to pay for to get the answer to?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) September 4th, 2012

Theoretically, if you have money to pay someone who you think knows the answer to a question you would do anything to get, what would that question be?

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Where does the matching sock go?

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I paid a medium money to ask her guides about my true purpose in life and how to heal myself.

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Thinking about @serenade‘s response: It would seem pretty odd to have a high-priced (or low-priced) medium, wouldn’t it? Shouldn’t they all be medium-priced? But if there’s no high or low, then how do you decide what is medium?

I’d pay a little for the answer to that question. Not much, in case anyone is thinking of invoicing me with their own response.

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Where is Jesse James’ treasure, the original from the 1870s not the modern car guy.

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I’d sell my arse to know why God made me have one!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed God thinks:
“are yes plants, hhhmmmm, how will they grow, aha, the sun, they shall harvest the sun!”

One sa’turd’ay night on the lash:
“Now, these hairless apes I had on the back burner, I know, a little hole at the top, one at the bottom…... hey presto! hic…...”

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Right before Haysoos of Nazareth “raised Lazarus from the dead”, did he masturbate over the twitching corpse in a sort of unspoken trade off?
I’d pay as much as fifty whole pence for that piece of historical trivia.

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@ucme – PMSL…
Maybe that’s how he brought him back from the dead.
With his seed of life.

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How should I improve the efficiency of my house?

What college should my daughter go to?

How can we deal with my son’s dyslexia?

What are the borders of my property?

Is this house safe?

And on and on. Some of these are questions I have paid for answers to, and some are just hypothetical examples of questions I would pay for answers to if I were in a situation where I needed the answer.

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How long did it take @wundayatta to get that much LUUUUUURVE?
Maybe we’ll get that one ‘F.O.C’

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The only advice I pay for is legal. Otherwise, I can either find out for myself or I already know the answer.. lol

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@Pazza I’m laughing a lot like this….no really!

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What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

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I’ve paid my doctors stupid money to interpret bloodwork.

I’ve paid churches to research me family baptismal, marriage records to smooth over some decades old ruffled feathers.

If you’re asking in a roundabout way if I’d pay money to use a Q&A site? No, I wouldn’t.

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So many, so so many, where do I start? I’ll pay for that one too.

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Dammit UB, it’s forty too

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No that answer is mutually exclusive from the question. Then again, knowing the question means you can not know the answer for once you do the universe is replaced by a more bizar version. Some experts would claim this has happened 3 times already :p.

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Who is John Galt?

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When will John Galt finish talking?

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What the hell am I doing…?

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@glacial Thanks for the freebie!
@Nullo After about 70 pages. He had to quit because they ran out of sponsors.

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Where does my first boyfriend live now and how can I contact him?

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@uberbatman – “What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?”

Silly, it’s 42!

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@janbb $500 and money back guarantee if I don’t find him or a record of his last address.

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