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Some questions about my miscarriage on Saturday-really concerned?

Asked by sabine (88points) September 4th, 2012

(I was about 9 weeks, when this happened)
So I had been having some brown spotting for a few days, then on Friday the brown turned to pink/watery with some mild cramps, then on Saturday I had the most incredible pain, in my stomach, it was so bad I had to go to A&E, the blood was literally pouring out of me, I was sat and worried that when I get up, there would be a big red patch on my trousers, it was that bad.
Anyways I was asked to do a urine sample, as I did it I felt something really heavy fall out and when I looked, I promise you, it was the fetus, it was huge and had a giant head and small body, kind of like a giant tadpole, it was really horrible.
At the moment (3 days after) I am still bleeding, and i am still having cramps, not excruciating, but they are painful.
My questions are…
-On the saturday when the ‘baby’ came out, was the pain I experienced before that like labour/contractions?
-I took a pregnancy test and it was the darkest possitive and so quick!, why is that?
-Why am I still having cramps and bleeding?
-Did anyone else experience this?
If you get through this essay and reply, I can’t tell you how greatful I am!
Thankyou in advance

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At nine weeks the baby is the size of a grape. Either you did miscarriage or maybe you are mistaking it for cervical mucus plug. I would worry more about seeing a doctor than trying to get advice and guesses on what is happening with your body. If you did miscarry, you can have complications if everything did not discharge as it should. I miscarried once and I was in no shape to get up from all the bleeding that followed. Get an OB to confirm what is going on. If you don’t take care of yourself you risk infections and possibly never being able to carry a baby again. As for what does delivery feel like? It even isn’t the same kid to kid so there is no point in guessing. As for the test. It could be it was too soon and it simply isn’t registering in your urine yet. But I’m just guessing.

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I can’t answer most of your questions, but I do know that pregnancy tests will continue to read positive for a few weeks after miscarriage.

I must echo @Pandora‘s concern about seeing a doctor. Fluther really, really isn’t the place to get medical advice. We are happy to support you while you deal with something difficult, but we are not substitutes for a doctor. I know you know this, and that you saw a doctor on Saturday. Just wanted to say it, because you have asked us many questions about this situation, that we are not qualified to answer.

Sorry this happened.

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You have to see a doctor. If you miscarried, there is necessary cleanup work to be done afterward. The doctor will answer your questions.

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I am very sorry this has happened to you!

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I’m so very sorry about this. :(

My mom told me once that her miscarriage was like “the worst period she’d ever had” so that would probably be the reason for the cramping/contraction feeling. Your body was “pushing” the expelled fetus out the way it would menstrual blood but the solid matter makes it hurt so much more.

Your body is probably still expelling leftover matter from this.
You still have pregnancy hormones in your body which is throwing the results but they will probably go down soon enough.

Like @Jeruba said, you need to get a doctor after you have a miscarriage. Your body is still expelling endometrium and other debris and there might be some additional cleanup they need to do.

Once again, my condolences and feel free to reach out again if you want.

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You need to see an OB/GYN for follow-up. You made need a D&C.

Don’t worry about the pregnancy test or the miscarriage. Miscarriages are common especially if you have not had a child.

Just see a doctor and get the follow-up care you need to make things right for future pregnancies.

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I am sorry this happened. Usually, if you miscarriage this early, there was a problem.
You need to go see a doctor. He will probably perform a DNC to vacuum out all the left over bits. Even though you lost the child, there are other things up there that can lead to infection. You need to do this.

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I miscarried at about the same gestational age. I had been to the Dr. on Friday and he saw no heartbeat on the ultrasound, so he told me I’d probably miscarry over the weekend. I got dressed and was so upset, I left without following the usual routine of going into his office and discussing what the exam found. My experience was similar to yours, but I did not look at what was in the toilet. I did return to the Ob/Gyn a few days later, and he was able to remove the remaining tissue without a D&C, but I understand that it is not unusual to need a D&C. You really need to see your Ob/Gyn.

I had my son a couple years before the miscarriage. He was full-term, 8lb. 9oz. and the cramping from the miscarriage was the same, yet different. I guess because with full-term labor pains the uterus is stretched and more full.

I don’t know much about your situation, but I know that it is a tough thing to go through. I hope that you have good emotional support to get you through this time. Hang in there. <3

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