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How come Led Zeppelin did not continue on as a great band, but instead, went downhill quickly so soon?

Asked by jca (36043points) September 4th, 2012

When I was in high school, Led Zeppelin had already passed their short period of greatness and became a “has been” band. They had a kind of mystical aura (hype or not) and a lot of very zealous followers. Their great song period seems to have been in the early 70’s, and when I was in high school, they turned to a few pop songs and then went their own way. How come Led Zep did not have the staying power to continue on with greatness? How come other classic rock bands, such as the Stones, outlasted Zep, whereas Zep was considered more serious?

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They were preparing to tour when drummer John Bonham died and they disbanded, as I recall from my high school days. I was never a huge Zep fan, so probably someone will have more facts for you.

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The possibility exists that people who think that Led Zeppelin did not continue as a great band and went from huge to has-been quickly, like regular people who are Republicans, just don’t get it.

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They never were a great band. Good sure but soooooo horribly over rated

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I guess they ran out of blues artists to rip off

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A career spanning from 1968 to 1980; the second best-selling band in the US; musical genius Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and the late-John Bonham; member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; claims the rights to the best selling music DVD in history just to name a few notables about the band…Zeppelin will never be considered a has been band.

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Would you expect a zeppelin made of led to stay aloft forever?

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It’s the difference between a truly great band like LZ who played their music because they and their fans knew they were truly a great and Iconic band….much like the Republican party versus bands like the Rolling Stones who had moments of stardom but continued on playing and promoting their brand just to suck more money out of the pockets of adoring and unsuspecting fans much like the Democrats.

It’s the difference between knowing you got it and and being able to prove it and pretending you got it only because you want the same level of greatness of someone who actually had the talent to make it happen.

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@Cruiser how ya gonna go turn a led zepplin question into a political thing? Nice flame bait btw

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@uberbatman @Trillian started it; I think @Cruiser is just following up.

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@Cruiser my bad. Totally missed what trillian said. Allow me to redirect my previous statement to him lol

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Creative differences emerged, which roughly translated means, they got sick of the sight of each other.

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@Michael_Huntington mannn its crazy how many bands got time machines to go back in time and rip off the amazing rock and roll gods known as led zepplin :p

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For the OP; One can not base an argument on one’s opinion stated as fact.
Whether or not you agree that Led Zep was a great band, the fact remains that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were both virtuosos. John Bonham was legendary. John Paul Jones was understated and underrated.
Wherever they acquired their music, one cannot dispute their talent. One can speculate that the same prescription which causes the downfall of so many icons was working here. Sudden fame, money, adulation, access to mind altering substances has precipitated the fall of many.
It’s a shame that John Bonham died when he did. My friends and I had tickets for the In Through the Out Door tour, and it promised to be fantastic, Their music had taken a different direction with this new album, and we all looked forward to hearing it along with some our favorites.
I personally am glad not to see a geriatric Robert Plant wobbling his rickety ass around the stage like Steven Tyler or Mick. They didn’t try to keep milking it after losing in integral part of the Band, like Queen. (Well, Jimmy Page lost some points for allowing that horrible thing to be done to Kashmir, but geniuses are frequently a bit loopy) But they were at the top of their game when they went out.

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@Trillian: You’re right – instead of referring to them as a great band, I should have used words such as “popular” and/or “iconic.” Or to use your word, “talented.”

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“In Through the Out Door” was really different from much of their past work and many didn’t like it. Not really a fan but 300 million records sold is is impressive. The older and longer the same band plays and they change up styles or at least don’t sound the same to their earlier fans they might become less popular possibly by attrition.

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