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When does iPhone 2.0 release?

Asked by flip193 (208points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I need to know cause I have to see if I should restore my hacked iphone

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I don’t know if Fluther has any psychics or Apple employees (the latter wouldn’t divulge this info IAC), but most speculate that next Monday 6/9 there will be an announcement at the WorldWide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). An example of a noteworthy rumor site to aid you in your research:

Or an alternative is to use Fluther’s search function to yield dozens of similarly asked questions and responses on this very topic.

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thank you great answer but will I be able to update a hacked iphone to 2.0

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what could John Powell be writing but thank you take your time

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It would be best to restore it first. I wouldn’t roll-the-dice with your fancy phone. The 2.0 firmware is a different beast. A lot has changed under the hood. I would revert back Sunday night if I was you. Just to be safe.

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Your right John Powell thank you

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I realize now that I wasn’t being specific in my last post…the iPhone OS 2.0 should be announced on Monday, along with a possible announcement of a new 3G iPhone. Again, speculation at best.

It may be worth it to wait a couple of days, as some programmers out there are working on a jailbreak for 2.0.

I will add that the latest rumors indicate that the online app store is supposed to open this Monday as well, which will only be compatible with iPhone OS 2.0. So those who would want to access this new app store would first need to update their OS to 2.0.

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I’ve already restored my hacked iPod to for update early just to be safe. App Store will be cooler than Jailbreak because…
1. Major companies working for apple such as Sega and Electronic Arts.
2. The official”Installer
3. Does not void your warranty and can be fixed if anything goes wrong.

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Theotherkid nails it. And it would be foolish to think that all the people working on hacked apps haven’t spent the time getting a legit app working with the official SDK. You will see the same stuff and more. But it will be using documented API’s and will probably work better. The Jailbreak scene will probably be dead in a week.

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So when does the iPhone update come out?


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Hopefully June 9–13. Almost there! :-)

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when you say restore can I restore/revert to last back up or do I have to completly restore it

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I was kidding :/

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Oh sorry. I didn’t know what j/k meant.
oops. :-P

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