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What do the different key-board emoticons mean to you?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42294points) September 5th, 2012

Some are obvious:

This :) Is just smile.
This ;) Is wink wink.
This :0 is “Oh no!”

But what about :P? What do you think it means? I kind of hear someone chuckling and sticking their tongue out.

And :D? I hear someone going “Heh!”

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:) ... Smile
;) ... Wink
:0 .. Surprise
:P . Just Kidding
:D . Big Smile

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I hear sounds with mine!

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:-| I am baffled, perplexed.
:-D Giving you a big grin.
:-P I’m being cheeky.

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:) Smile, happy
;) Wink, sometimes sarcasm
:O Shocked
:P If I was standing in front of the person, I would actually be sticking my tongue out.
:* Kiss
:’( Cry, really sad
:D Really happy
:/ Huh?
8====D O: Blow job!!!

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Primarily to me they mean an incredible waste of time.

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:) Happy

:D Real happy

:( Sad

:/ Perplexed

:p lol @ j00

­^^ Raising eyebrows, happy/teasing like. Usually posted after some sexual innuendo.

<_< Looking away, after saying something I probably shouldn’t have said.

XD After making a joke.

O_o This denotes ’‘what the fuck?’’

O_O this is surprise.

(>‘o’ )>o=I============> Kirby using a sword.

8IIIIIIIIIIIIID (. Y .) lol penis and boobs

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I gots me some new emoticons! Thanks @Symbeline!

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?B^) Elvis

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@cprevite ? Wat? You mean ?E^)

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@cprevite I just don’t see Elvis in there!

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To me :-p insinuates kidding and silliness, at least that is how I use it.

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