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What constitutes a "broken promise" to you?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45314points) September 5th, 2012

People accuse politicians of “breaking promises.” But the thing is, none of them have 100% control over what they would LIKE to have implemented. The checks and balances are what keeps this country fairly…balanced.

Here is a list of Obama’s “broken promises.” I don’t know much about most of them but I know that at least 3 of them continue to be an ongoing fight on his part.

To balance things out, “here”: is a list of kept promises by Obama. That list is actually a little longer.

Maybe the phrase should be changed to….?

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Anybody who believes a politician is making a legitimate promise (which, simply put, is a verbal contract) is a moron. Politicians will say and do anything to gain office. Having done it, they will attempt to hold on to it by, among other tactics, making excuses for not keeping their “promises”.

The problem is not that politicians make so called promises. That is what they do. It is nothing more than a tactic to achieve power, perks and priviledge. I do not blame politicians for what they do. They are what they are and that is that. They are a version of snake oil salesmen.

The problem is the apparently increasing number of people who believe that the promise means anything.

I have to wonder about people who take them seriously enough to imagine that their promises are anything more than a sales pitch.

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I think that many really WANT to do what they say they want to do. I don’t think they’re all blowing sunshine.

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@Dutchess_III Which ones are not blowing sunshine. How do you know?

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I’m Sunshine, so I know.

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The broken promise list is absurd. For something to be a promise, a politician has to have the power to carry out the actions necessary to make the promise true. Where you depend on others, you cannot promise. That’s like Obama promising that the Tea Party will vote to raise taxes on the rich and increase the EITC for the poor.

It makes no sense to take a “promise” as a promise to make something happen when the politician can’t control the behavior of those whose cooperation he or she needs to make it happen.

I take a promise as something the politician is committed to fighting for. It’s an idea they support. In order to fulfill that promise, they need to actually fight for it. They don’t have to succeed.

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Obama, for one, @josie. I believe that he passionately believes in the changes he wants to make because he’s been DOWN THERE with the regular people. Now he’s in a position to make a big difference.

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@wundayatta Come to think of it…I don’t think I’ve ever heard a politician say “I PROMISE to do this and such.” They say, “I will FIGHT FOR….” The media turns it into promises. Hmmm.

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Pretty much everything Obama has done or failed to do.

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@Crashsequence2012 WHISHT!! Right over your head!!

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