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What is the real function of a web page?

Asked by Shippy (9895points) September 6th, 2012

Is it not quicker to simply advertise? I know SEO and so on helps, but that can take ages right? Also if you cannot afford a SEO expert , what are some simple tips to add automatic SEO to ones site?

Reason I ask is, I had a site, it was dead. Until I took out an advert then it got lively. So not being flush at the moment, why would I do both?

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Because these days people look for you on the Web. You need a Web presence for most businesses.

Traditional advertising complements a Web site.

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@marinelife OK, so creating a web presence would include a site with connections to various busier sites like Face Book I am imagining? Would this create an automatic SEO? Do you have any other suggestions regards web presence?

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It works better when there are both aspects and how quick it takes can depend upon the keywords, competition and a number of other things as well. SEO will help you to get more organic search traffic and there are a range of things you can do yourself to help with the basics.

Things such as having keywords in headings (H1) can help as can your meta details and alt tags for images on the home page. Studying the keywords in advance and looking at the opposition can also help get you further up those rankings because if you were trying to target (just as an example here) builder New York then you face a lot more competition than you would looking for a niche angle within the same field.

Sites such as Facebook can help as can posting reviews on sites such as Yelp as they are loved by Google so can help put your website in front of more people and in a way you hijack their SEO. Connections create backlinks, but they are preferred by the search engines if they are in some way linked to your own site so links to the construction industry (using the same example) work better than linking to a class on flower arranging in Armenia.

Overall I would say, keywords on your site, social media links, directory and review site submissions, and backlinks will help oh and an SEO expert does not have to be as costly as some think.

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I’m guessing some of the stuff Porcupine said (albeit mostly correct) might be a little above the scope you were expecting.

I think you’re mostly concerned with methods of marketing a page (and thusly a product) and also this idea of “automatic SEO”. Let me try to address those clearly for you.

SEO, or rather more accurately, Organic SEO is the process of getting your website to the top of the search rankings for keywords your audience is searching. In this manner, you get traffic when people click your website in the search results.

On the other hand, with web ads, you pay for space on websites or search engines and hope people click through to your site. This generates traffic to your site as well.

You could do SEO, or advertising, or both…and bring traffic to your site. There are pros and cons to both. It’s up to you which one you choose, and it largely depends on the website, the type of product, target audience and other factors. Money is of course a big factor, and those without a big ad budget lean toward SEO – but SEO costs money too unless you do it yourself.

So that leads me to the next issue. If you want a successful website, you will completely abandon and forget about any concept that even resembles something called “Automatic SEO”.

There’s no such thing, and no matter what tool or resource you use to TRY to automate SEO, you will never get the level of optimization you need comparable to doing it all manually. It’s a good amount of effort and takes some expertise and experience.

If you want to get traffic, and spend less money on the marketing budget, learn SEO and do it manually. Feel free to send me a message sometime if you have any specific questions about SEO that you need help with.

Oh, and one more thing… the answer to your title question, what’s the purpose of a web page? To inform, entertain or sell something, or to act as a portal for a web-based service.

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Expands the scope of your potential business beyond the local paper. Lasts a lot longer and for a lot less money.

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