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Is Film Studies & English a useful university course?

Asked by RosieP (48points) September 6th, 2012

I’m at college at the moment and am going to university this year. I want to be a screenwriter & director and am wondering what will be the best University course to do that. At the moment I’m looking at doing Film Studies & English combined at Queen Mary University London and was wondering if this is a good choice, or if there’s any other courses that would be better.
Any suggestions?

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Here’s a list of screenwriting programs in UK universities. If you haven’t already done this, look through each program to see if they feel like they would fit you. Then go visit the ones that are interesting to you.

I can recommend some programs in the United State: NYU, USC and UCLA, for example, all have very well respected screenwriter and director programs. I don’t know which ones are best in the UK. This article recommends the best programs in the UK. They say that the Met Film School, set in Ealing Studios in London, is considered to be one of the elite schools for screenwriters. It sounds more like a training course than a university program, but you might want to consider it, either in place of University, or as a supplement.

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just think that is kinda the perfect answer from @wundayatta I would only add that you should also go somewhere that you want to live. University is a long time and aside from the usefulness of the course, if you are inspired by where you live then that will help your studies x Good luck..let us know where you choose…I live in the UK, but know nothing about this particular topic I’m afraid x

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