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Looking for book on political theory and history?

Asked by Dumbgeek (21points) September 6th, 2012

I want a book that covers the past 50–100 years in politics. Going over many countries and their pros and cons of governance and theory on why that may have been a pro or a con.

Also how different countries tackled the same problem with different solutions and what worked and what didn’t and why it may have worked and why not.

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Like “Contending Images of World Politics” but on a more country by country basis.

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I have yet to read it but have heard many good things about In Europe. Not sure to what extent it concerns theories of governance.

Another book I still want to read is Guns, Germs and Steel which supposedly also touches on governance models, although it’s not the main subject.

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Thanks. If I cant find a book that covers all the main countries like USA China, USSR maybe it would be the second best option to look at Europe

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Oh sorry, in my memory you asked specifically about Europe, but apparently not. I don’t really know anything about more global books, but perhaps A Short History of Nearly Everything (judging only by the title) is what you’re looking for.

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