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Would I enjoy the movie "Project X" if I watched it?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43562points) September 6th, 2012

I got it at the request of my students (we’re in enrollment period and if I want to get ANY paperwork done I have to park the “kids” in front of a movie! It’s not like this all year around.) I listened to the sound track for two days in a row and OMG… the “F” word was there in almost every sentence. But the guys were cracking up over the action. So…I have it here, at home. Husband is gone. Don’t have to work tomorrow. Ya’ll kind of know me…do you think I would enjoy it?

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Project X = yes
X Factor = no

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I heard from a lot of people that it was stupid and wasn’t very good. Some people liked it, though, so I guess you might. It’s one of those movies that you either love or you hate. I haven’t seen it, and I don’t really want to either.

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Can you fast-forward and mute the sound track to extract the essence without corrupting your soul at the same time?

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I watched it. Stupid. I can see a 17 year old boy getting a BIG kick out of it though. Really stupid.

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How do you feel about how you spent that time, now? Was stupid worth it?

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After my 3rd beer I beg fuming at my students who suggested the movie in the first place. I was going to make them write a 1000 word “book report” on the parallels of that movie with their own microscopic lives, which character they identified with, and what they would have done if they had been in that RIDICULOUS situation. And asked them the compare their choices to the reason they’re in jail now!! I was REALLY MAD! But then I went to bed and woke up and decided, “meh.” I’ll just never get them a movie without previewing it again. Movies with NO substance and lotsa soft porn is the LAST thing those guys need.

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Oh. As to your question. I also had rented The Hunger Games for them. So I watched TWO movies last night. It was kind of Lady’s Night Out with just me. So the time I spent was OK.

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I think that there can be a lot to be learned from really bad stuff, sometimes. Often it teaches you about a different culture or gives you a quite different perspective from your own. I find that watching things my kids like, sometimes. Also sometimes with recommendations made by other jellies. It’s stuff I would never gain any exposure to, otherwise.

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Have you ever seen the movie? It didn’t teach anyone a thing, except perhaps try to stick with being responsible. Even that message got lost in the end because Dad was actually PROUD of the kid for having such an “awesome” party that it destroyed the entire neighborhood. Awsomeness unleashed.

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Of course I haven’t seen the movie. But I’m not saying the movie would teach me something directly. Rather, it would teach me more about the people who liked it. It’s an anthropological lesson, or that’s how I would think of it.

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Well, it would certainly appeal to the very, very immature.

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Does it then surprise you who gave you the recommendation or does it make perfect sense?

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Well none of them had ever seen it before, just the pre views. To their credit they said I probably wouldn’t like it.

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