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When was the last time you treated yourself?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) September 6th, 2012

I think that is probably the tag line for some advertising campaign, but no matter.

When is the last time that you did something nice for yourself? What did you do?

For me, it was on my birthday, Labor Day! I didn’t set an alarm clock and just woke up naturally. I guess I’m getting old because that felt like a fantastic treat, haha.

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Pigged out at the salad bar.

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Tonight! I’m making a big shrimp salad and will have ice cream for dessert.
I deserve it!

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This past weekend, bought nigh $1,000 worth of 40k models (for about $150) and worked on them day in and day out (aside from Labor Day where I went whitewater rafting… where I again treated myself to some delicious Spumoni Gelato).

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I think that is probably the tag line for some advertising campaign, but no matter. I think some radge on a chocolate advert said it first. Sorry, just had a Trainspotting moment.

Last weekend I bought a PlayStation Network card for the sole reason of renting new movies, since the video store I used to go to got turned into something else, and I refuse to support big Blockbuster like places. I boycott them. Problem is, I love movies, so that’s kind of a bitch. We only have Videotron now, which is the equivalent of BB…

But yeah, I rented a bunch of movies online, and it was awesome. Except Piranha 3DD. Man that was horrible…was expecting so much more, after the first extremely gory remake…still, had a good time with all my movies I perhaps shouldn’t have spent money on, but dammit gotta have a good time sometimes.

I also bought cheese sticks and cool sauce to dip them in. I was reading Dracula while eating them and by the end they were all cold, but for some reason, it made for a kick ass Sunday evening. Can’t go wrong with ol Drac and cheesesticks yo.

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Yesterday I treated myself by picking up a copy of Re-Animator on blu-ray; it’s held up pretty well considering that was, what, 1985.

Today I treated myself to an afternoon reading on the deck.

Tomorrow I’m thinking of surprising a close friend with lunch on her day off. I consider that treating myself too as I’m wholly enamored with her company. And the balsamic glazed, grilled haddock, with garlic, fresh cayenne, tomato, yellow bell peppers, and thai basil I intend to make doesn’t hurt either; both in the cooking and eating.

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I mentioned it here. My husband and I have been working really hard and we had some theatre tickets. So, we booked into a top notch hotel for the night and made it a 24 hour treat instead of just an evening. French food, wine, theatre, chocolate coated strawberries, great sex, sleep in in the morning and breakfast in the sunshine people watching. Bliss.

I have to add a treat doesn’t have to be this elaborate. Just making time to sit in the garden with a good friend for an hour or two can be a real reward. So good for you to treat yourself.

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Today. I didn’t go to work and got to spend the day with my wife. That was a treat!

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I treat myself every day, but I am a cheap date and very easy to please.

A warm tomato off the vine, a new bra, an hour pop-in visit to a friend who hurt her back. a few minutes of scolding my lawyer for being too slow with my simple documents (That was fun. He apologized), hanging around at the post office, in the sun, and having a nice gossip.

Yesterday I went for broke and hired a Mac, guru to sit with me for two hours and housekeep my electronic gadgets (all two of them).

Then Milo and I wrote several haikus for my brother-in-law’s sixtieth birthday. MIlo wrote his in French; I helped him. That was fun and allowed me not to polish silver or wash windows.

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I just treated myself to some lemon sorbet for dessert. I don’t need dessert. But it just leaves me feeling so good. So I indulge.

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On vacation. Not only the vacation itself, but a 2 and a half hour session at the spa.

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I treated myself to a couple of happy brownies over the weekend and had a blast just doing my thing around the ol’ homestead. I took my daughter and her boyfriend to the beach with me for 2 days a few weeks ago. We had a great cottage with a wood stove and a view of Bodega Bay harbor and ate the best fish and chips 10,000 calorie dinner. Oh, and I had cheesecake over the weekend too. Yeah, the scale says I am up 4 lbs. drat! lol

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Happy belated birthday, @bookish1!

Last weekend was kind of a ‘wallow’ weekend for me. I made sure the house was stocked up with all my favorite comfort foods, ate most of them, had a few drinks one night, and slept my butt off. Did absolutely nothing productive all weekend, which was nice.

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Depends upon what kind of treat you are talking about. If it is doctors treatment kind then haven’t need it still. If it was like joyous occasion treat then today morning with waffles.

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I’m a single guy that lives alone. I basically have no responsibility, which means I treat myself frequently. My life is awesome, lol.

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A few days ago I bought eight books from the public library for the princely sum of $1.75 (five for 1 dollar, then the last three for .25 each). I would have bought twenty or thirty more had I more time, but someone was waiting in the car…can’t wait to go back this weekend.

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I bought myself a chocolate brownie today! Hey! It’s Friday and I made sure I worked it off in a dance class!

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I bought a new toy for my dog a couple weeks ago. I’m good.

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I don’t want to brag, but today I had a crab baguette and three different types of French cakes.

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^^^ PIty your arteries.

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^ lol

Well, I am going to clog my arteries with a spaghetti dinner, it is TIME to make my special sauce, todays treat!

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Oooh…7:17 pm on the west coast and my sauce is done! Pasta water is heating up, garlic bread on standby and I am making a salad now. Wine in hand…. Eat your little hearts out. ;-)

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