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Who is the most underrated musician of all time?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) September 7th, 2012

Also to add, pick an album and recommend it to the Fluther community!

I’m going to have to go with George Harrison.

(Currently listening to George Harrison-Early Takes Volume 1 this is good because it’s pretty much his vocals and guitar with some drums here and there, so raw, so organic!)

Who is your pick?

*Note, Any genre, band or solo artist, song-writer, rapper, vocalist, instrumentalist & etc

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I have a few! I would have to go with Greta Gertler. I found her music when editing videos on OneTrueMedia. I’ve only heard a handful of her songs. Her best songs (from what I’ve heard) would have to be, in my opinion, ‘Everyone Wants to Adore You’ and ‘Carried Away’. According to her Wikipedia page she’s well-known in Australia but I’ve never heard of her here in Britain.

Another underrated musician in my opinion is Daron Malakian, of System of a Down. Coming from someone who’s tried (and failed) to learn the guitar several times, his guitar skills are just mind-blowing! This video is proof. :)

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I always thought Frank Zappa was under rated as a musician though his reputation is growing. Here is one of his songs played with an orchestral accompaniment.

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George is a good one, though I probably couldn’t add “all time” to it, because as a member of the Beatles he got quite a bit of recognition (obviously). Sure no where near as much as Paul or John, but considerably more than Joe Virtuoso holed up in his mother’s basement throwing recordings on

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George, really?

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of While My Guitar Gently Weeps?

“I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping.” Really? Not so much.

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Right now I would say Spoon and the album I recommend is Gimme Fiction.

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I saw Pete Seegar on stage many years ago. He brought out something he referred to as an African Banjo. He said “I just got this 4 days ago, and I think I got the hang of it”, and proceeded to play it perfectly.

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There’re plenty out there but here are three come to mind based on what I’ve had playing recently, lot of 80’s hair bands.

Reb Beach – I think a lot of people hear Winger and just start snickering.
Vito Bratta – Perhaps I was with the wrong crowd but when I was in school the kids who listened to White Lion got laughed at.
John Sykes – I don’t know if it’s because he’s just doing solo stuff or what but for a guy who took up with Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, and Blue Murder I hardly hear anything about him.

To go along with that check out Whitesnake – Slide It In; Blue Murder – Blue Murder; White Lion – Fight to Survive; and Winger – Pull

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I agree with @flutherother – Frank Zappa.

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I doubt anyone would know the most underrated anything of all times.

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That would have to be ME – ElBanditoRoso.

I sing and I dance, and I used to play violin, but NO ONE has ever offered me a record contract, and I have never done a concert, and there are no accolades that I have received.

I feel that I am massively talented, but not understood and definitely underrated.

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For the 80’s, I think Howard Jones was one of the most underrated singers. Only a handful of his songs are on YouTube, and they’re not even the best ones, just the more popular ones. He had many more songs and they’re not easily found online, if at all.

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“There was a time when there was nothing at all, nothing at all….just a distant hum.”

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Perhaps Bonnie’s brothers, Unda and Ted?

You know, Unda Raitt, Ted.

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@wundayatta – yuch. How can you answer that with a straight face…

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Why is it the world never remembered the name of Johann Gambolputty…

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Kerry Livgren

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Like @Thammuz, I would have to say it’s going to be somebody we never heard of.

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@Thammuz Thanks for having fun :(

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It was understood that our choices were going to be personal. That goes without saying. Like, what is the prettiest shade of blue?

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Michael Hedges He was one of those rare pieces of work, a genius. Master guitarist, incredible voice. Listen to how he bends this song into a work of real beauty and excellence.

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@_Whitetigress it was a joke, it’s just that i don’t know who to pick, because i pretty much only listen to bands, and fairly well known ones

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@Thammuz I know I wasn’t mad :D

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Michael Nesmith (from The Monkees) on songs such as:

Door Into Summer

Some of Shelly’s Blues


Silver Moon

And these songs, on which he didn’t sing, but that he wrote:

Mary Mary

Different Drum

Michael Nesmith also won the first Grammy award for a video, in 1981. Read more about Papa Nez

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Mary Mary

The first version I heard of that was a cover by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

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I asked my hubby, and since I know he can’t answer a question like this with only one person, I asked him for a top three.

His answer: Alice Cooper, King Diamond, and the third would have been Dimebag Darrell, but everyone’s so up his dead arse since he got shot that he’s now officially OVERrated.

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