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What is one thing you wish you would have known going into high school?

Asked by goldilocks (273points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I’m going next year and I don’t want to mess up in the first ten minutes :)

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Not to give into peer pressure.

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be yourself dont try and impress other happy with who you are. you know whats right and whats wrong. let your conscience guide you.

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It isn’t a big deal. Be confident and you will be alright. Don’t take shit from anyone. Don’t punch anyone either.

Really, most of us got through just fine. You will be alright. I was a skinny computer nerd in the late 90’s and I made it through just fine. I never got beaten up and by the end I was having regular sex with a real female.

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@ john powell what was the sex like before the “REAL” female?

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dont lie to get people’s attention. you dig yourself a pit to lie in, and then they call your bluff and ask to come over to your house to play your awesome video games that are still being made.

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-at your 10 year reunion, you’ll be surprised to see that the most popular people in high school are not necessarily the ones who have gone on to lead the most succesful and interesting lives. Be friends with some of the “nerds” now – you’ll be glad later!

-the pressure to get good grades is less important than the need to pursue your intellectual and creative curiousity. learn the things you want to learn. Some of those will be outside of the school building.

-Do your homework but don’t be afraid to question the things you read in textbooks.

-If you’re ever too drunk to get home, call your parents, even if it means you’ll get grounded. Grounded is better than getting in a car accident or waking up in a stranger’s bed.

-If you live in a city, at some point during your four years, take a day where you “play hooky” to do some really interesting learning experience outside of the classroom – like going to a museum…it will remind you to take your education into your own hands.

-if you get really frustrated by your parents and want to change their minds about some disciplinary thing – take a deep breath, get some distance so you can think about it, and then talk with them once you’ve thought through your points. They will react much better if you have a calm discussion with them about it – you may even win them over to your side. but it’s practically impossible to win in a yelling match with parents.

-I think it was Mark Twain who said “When I was 13 I realized my father was a complete fool. By the time I turned 23 I was shocked to see how much he had learned in just 10 years.”

-have fun!

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Don’t procrastinate your freshmen, and sophomore years… you’ll be regretting the hard work junior and senior year that your doing to compensate for the mediocre GPA you got stuck to your behind.

Just have fun, be yourself, join some clubs, etc…

not that his happened to me

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Try a variety of things, build a strong bond with your guidance counselor, and don’t worry about those cliques and groupies…it’s all just a mind game anyway. Dare to be an individual, and look for inspiration from your teachers-most have a lot to give when they see a motivated student.

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I wish I had known that when you were a girl’s “friend” there would not be a way to change that perception. So ACT on first instincts and do NOT worry about what others think. Because trust me- they are probably more screwed up than anyone else. (as you will see when you see them at the reunion)

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In 10 years the social aspect will be obsolete- but the diploma never is.

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don’t ever drive like an idiot. It still spooks me to think about some of the close calls I had due to naïveté and stupidity.

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I just graduated High School, and one thing that I have to say is don’t take things for granted. When you’re goin’ into High School, you still have 4 years ahead of yourself but WOW how time flies.

Also, you should try to truly experience it. Join as many clubs as you can, make as many friends as you can, and all around do as much stuff as you can. Have the mindset of “Why not?”.

One more piece of advice: don’t get stuck in a relationship! I’m not telling you to become a ho, but date a lot of people. It’ll help in future relationships and you’ll have the freedom to really experience high school. People in high school should not have to carry the burden of a mature relationship. Save that til later!

Overall: HAVE FUN! :)

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I wish I would have thought to study harder and start looking for and working toward scholarships earlier, then I wouldn’t have so many friggin student loans.

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I’m going into high school this year too! This question helped! Thanks guys

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