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Whats the longest you've been in a relationship?

Asked by melly6708 (502points) June 3rd, 2008

Well me its been 7 months and still going.. forever :)

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About three years.

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18 years.

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wow now thats a speedy response.. haha

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fifteen years, but not all happy, and not all for the right reasons. We have made the best of it and did fall in love.

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14 years

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Three years and counting!
My first relationship too.

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18 years! High school sweetheart <3 (wow I just typed a heart).

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11, 12 in October

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3 1/2 years & counting! ♥

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one year.

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16 years and counting.

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About 10 months and not still counting for obvious reasons.

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7months, and counting.. 4ever!!!!!

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@susanc~ ∗HIgh-Five∗

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@ susanc- If you win, then I think I lose. =(

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ohh well that’s just not a very nice thing to say ; )

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11 years, married 10, but it ended 2 years ago. Best thing I ever did. Ending a relationship, or not being able to lay claim to long one, are not bad things.

Making healthy decisions. Taking steps to get what you need, what it takes to be happy. Doing your best. Those are wins.

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In total, eleven years now, married for eight of them.

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8 years so far.

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about 7 years…from the age of 18 to 25….never married

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Nearly 6 years (and counting!), since we were 15 years old.

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2 1/2 years – married and divorced.

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10 years

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9 years

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3.5 years, before that was about 3.5 months. I’m easily bored in relationships, lol

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22 years

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3 years. But I’ve had the same best friend for 22…does that count for anything?

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5.5 years then she cheated

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Are we counting friendships or just love interests?

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I feel terrible. Me winnng the length marathon doesn’t mean we always had a wonderful time. We split up from time to time to get breathers. Should I subtract those?

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@susanc are you still with that person??

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@susanc don’t subtract a thing. Even tho you had breathers, you still kept the relationship.

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Ha scamp you are runner-up so you probably know about breathers.

Melly: he died a month ago ******LUNG CANCER/EVERYONE MUST QUIT SMOKING****** but it’s perfectly clear to me that the marriage is still on.

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@susanc I am so sorry.

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I’m sorry susanc. You are very strong for sharing your loss with us flutherer’s. And also very caring, to let us know that we need to quit!!!!!- we allmust be aware of what can happen to us or a loved one..

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You’re welcome. I know quitting smokes is the hardest thing in the world. And
thank you for your kindness. And believe me, sharing my loss doesn’t take strength,
it takes need, I have plenty of that, and I’m getting a lot of help here.

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11 in September

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1 year and 7 months, but it wasn’t even because I really liked the guy… I was just too afraid to break up with him… Total psycho!

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