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Do you think Julia Gilliard is a bad Prime Minister?

Asked by dimitri685 (74points) September 8th, 2012

Australians, what is your opinion of the current Prime Minister Julia Gilliard?

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She’s a puppet and the greens, etc. who are pulling her strings have tunnel vision.

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She isn’t a great Prime Minister. I think the ALP are too driven by polls, hence they jump around changing direction too quickly. I much prefer Gillard to Abbott. Keep in mind though, we have a minority government and that’s challenging for any Prime Minister.

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I feel bad having any opinion since her father just passed away today. :/

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She is a liar, a fool, and a total idiot. She is driven by keeping the Greens happy, and has no real policy direction of her own. She made alliances with the independents, and went back on her word to Andrew Wilkie when she knew she could get away with it. She lied about the Carbon Tax, the concept of which is just abject stupidity. She has the stupidity to appoint a very bad has-been rock singer (Peter Garrett) as the education minister. What would he know about education?

Of course I am sorry for her that her father passed away, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she is the worst prime minister in Australian history. Bring on Tony Abbott!! Please!!!!!!!

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@Harold – heheh, we agree for a change, but I am not a fan of Tony, I think they should bring on Malcolm or even better beg Downer to come back and take over!

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I talked to many Australians while on vacation last month and they were almost all quick to turn a conversation to politics and say they did not like her, and that she was made Prime Minitster against the people’s will. Mostly the Aussies were talking about American politics, which was interesting. They viewed Americans as idiots pretty much when it came to politics and religion I don’t know much about the PM, so I can’t state an opinion myself.

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Politics and religions makes idiots out of all peoples. This is pretty funny! Here is the video.

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She does look like a bulldog licking piss of a thistle, as for her premiership, so-so.

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Why are the looks of a female always brought into the equation but rarely with a man??? Kevin Rudd looked like the pillsbury doughboy with ears and specs, Elmer Fudd’s twin, but no one ever commented on it.

Julia is an attractive woman who just happens to suck as a pm

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Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown looks like a testicle with a sad face drawn on.

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@ucme – thank you, at least you are an equal opportunity insulter!

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@rooeytoo It’s only fair after all.
You enjoying the us open? I know I am.

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@ucme – yep, I loved watching the women’s final today with none of the screaming, just good hard play. They really put on a good show and I must admit I was pulling for Serena.

The mens final is on at 6 am tomorrow morning, you can bet your boots I will be up for that one. I know you think Andy can do it, but I still have my doubts! But if he does, you are more than welcome to say “I TOLD YOU SO!!!” :-)

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Yeah it’s on 9pm tonight over here & win or lose Murray’s done himself proud once again.
I did think he’d bounce back from the wimbledon final & win gold in the olympics & i’ve always said the us open represents his best chance of slam glory, but Djokovic is going to be tough on the hard courts.
He’ll certainly win a slam some day, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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