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Car experts: Why is the climate control in my car acting up?

Asked by Coloma (47040points) September 8th, 2012

The last few days I have noticed a marked difference in temperature in my cars AC vents. I have individual climate control and the vents on the passenger side blow icey cold while the vents on the drivers side are blowing warm air. I had my AC checked at the beginning of summer and everything was fine. Is it possible for just 2 vents to be clogged or malfunctioning in some way?

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I’ve had mice in the car who have clogged up the heating and AC vents with the husks from sunflower seeds.

When I turned on either one, the husks blew out of the vents under the seats and left the husks on the floor mats. But they are hard to miss.

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@gailcalled Yes, I had a mouse get minced in my AC fan a couple of summers ago. This time there is no squealing, fan working fine just the obvious difference in temp.
Maybe it’s a rattlesnake in there this time. lol

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How big are your vent openings?

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@gailcalled Average I assume. haha No, there is NO way I have a snake in my AC. Nooooo!

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Well….where are all the car guys this morning? lol

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Individual climate control is a fickle beast, and one I am not terribly familiar with. For instance, I am not sure if you have two separate heater cores. That is a possiblity, in which case one clogged core would not work while the other one would get nice, cold R134 and thus chill the air.

What type of car?

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I was just researching and it looks like it might be the passenger side air/door blend actuator. Whatever that is! Obviously the dash will have to come off, oh boy, $80 an hour labor.
Well shit…I will call my mechanic on Monday. Pfft! lol

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It might just need topped up with refrigerant

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I bet you need to add refrigerant. That is one of the symptoms when it gets low, it blows cool on one side only.

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Oooh, maybe it is that somple. We shall see tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

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Yep, it was in need of 14 oz. of refrigerant. It has been a long, hot summer! Damn..still in the low 90’s this week….what I wouldn’t give for a giant freaking STORM right about now. haha
Thanks everyone for your input! :-)

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