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Is there a food safe lubricant?

Asked by ninja_man (1133points) September 8th, 2012

I need to lubricate the o-ring on my steel water bottle. Is there a lube that is safe to consume?

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Vegetable oil? Butter? Lard? They will get rancid, of course, in a very short time.

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@gailcalled Those would work, and I clean to bottle once every few days anyway to avoid bacterial build-up. I had thought of olive oil, but am unsure.

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^^^. They sound really delicious.

Vegetable oil is better than olive oil.

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Astroglide…oh wait, it’s water soluable.
But hey, it works great for lubing lizards stuck in flower pot holes. Yeah, go for the veggie oil or butter.

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What about the no stick spray stuff. Pam, I think?

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Uhh… a silicone based personal ube? It’s flavorless and non-toxic, but I have no idea how well it works on metal.

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At work, we use a silicone mod release agent that is safe for use on things that will come into contact with food.

Vegetable oil and butter can go rancid, and generally have a taste. Most of the kitchen sprays are the same way. Food grade silicone lubes are probably your best bet.

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Coconut oil is wonderful.

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Silicone lube for sure. I use one for the valves on a water filter system. Look for food grade.or safe for water systems.

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If you don’t mind the flavor (of course i don’t because i’m a salt addict- roll it in a bowl of salt making sure some of the salt powder sticks, and it should lubricate fine.

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Would some good ol spit work? Some of that stuff you have to work at to get to come up?

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Salt is abrasive – no good for seals. I would lean towards olive oil. It takes longer to go rancid.

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