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Hard and fast or soft and slow aka what type of toothbrush should I use?

Asked by tinyfaery (40307points) September 8th, 2012 from iPhone

I have toothbrush issues. I tend to go with the medium and I usually brush my teeth hard and fast. I don’t really stand infront of the sink when I brush my teeth. I walk around, do stuff and hold my toothbrush in my mouth while I use my hands. All of this amounts to my toothbrush being flat and useless in about a month.

My wife can have a toothbrush for months and it still looks new.

So…how should one brush their teeth? What is the point of the different types of toothbrushes? How can I stop buying a new toothbrush every month, or so?

Oh, and sometimes I hurt my gums with the medium toothbrush.

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You should buy soft bristled tooth brushes and brush easy, you don’t want to hurt your gums. Also, if you brush too hard you can make your gums recede which will start exposing your roots over time.
I also walk around the house or even out on the deck while I brush because I get bored while brushing.

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Every single dentist I have been to since kindergarten age, and this is ~10 due to moving, has said to use a soft brush and to use it lightly. Brush from the gum line down for top teeth and up for the bottom ones. It’s difficult to correct the brushing habit, but it can save your teeth in the long run.

When a toothbrush becomes worn out, as you describe, it is from brushing too hard. This can lead to expediting gum recession, thus sensitivity and possibly gum disease and tooth decay.

All dental personnel I have seen said that if it came down to choosing between brushing or flossing, the latter is more important. If you do both, and brush with a light touch, it will benefit you in the long run.

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I use an electric tooth brush (Oral B) and hold it lightly. My hygienist says to tickle my gums..The gum line is the important area. I floss at the computer, at red lights and while reading or watching TV or talking on a speaker phone.

If you don’t hold an electric toothbrush with at least one hand, it will dance away, usually into something breakable, like your grandmother’s Tiffany vase.

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What @chyna says! Brush like you love your teeth and not like Chuck Norris scrubbing your choppers!

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Having once worked for a dentist, I can confirm what everyone above is saying. Soft bristle toothbrush, using a soft touch, is the way to go. In addition, if you have a small or crowded mouth, choose a brush with a compact head or even a children’s brush. Gets into the nooks and crannies better.

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I go with the Oral B electric. The brush head is very small so it goes all around your teeth. And yep I go with the rest, soft bristles for sure.

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