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Help me find restaurants near vague locations?

Asked by bunnygirl50665 (80points) September 8th, 2012

For my algebra class after solving some road trip word problem, we need to find the names of some restaurants off of highway 101:

240 miles south of Santa Rosa
240 miles north of Santa Barbara
120 miles south of Santa Cruz
340 miles south of Santa Rosa
240 miles south of Santa Rosa
230 miles south of Santa Rosa
80 miles north of Santa Barbara


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Google is your friend. . ..

Put in highway 101 and each of the starting locations.

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What a very odd question for an algebra class. It requires research and not solving for a variable in an equation. Or a push pin, a length of string measured to the same scale as your map, and the map.

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Indeed it is, but I didn’t make the question, I have to answer it. hehe.
@tropical willie: when I do this, I don’t know exactly how to find the places off of 101 that are these certain number of miles north or south of these places.

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Easily done with Google Maps. Search a city like Santa Barbara. Then zoom out and spot a city on 101 that appears to be maybe 240 miles up from the Santa Barbarians. Use the Get Directions tool (upper left) with the starting point being Santa Barbara and a city way North West on 101. If too far or not far enough, tune the city. You will find that Watsonville, CA is 238 miles up 101 from Santa Barbara. Click the balloon for Watsonville, then click “Search Nearby”. Enter “restaurant”. Anything about 2 miles north should do perfectrly.

Have fun. Indeed it is a weird assignment.

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thanks so much! I would have never been able to figure this out without you. I can easily drag the balloon so that the miles away from the city is accurate, and now that I have this knowledge this assignment should be no problem. thanks again!

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@bunnygirl50665 Glad to help. And I didn’t know you could drag the balloon. So helping you helped me too.

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ahh im in this class too and this is super helpful. thank you!!!

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Sounds like they are looking for McDonalds restaurants.

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