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Should we post follow-up answers to questions we asked in the past?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34719points) September 9th, 2012

I sometimes wonder whatever happened to people who came here for advice, and got it.
Did they follow our suggestions? Was our collective advice correct?

This would be a little like “Stump the Chumps” on NPR when they call up people they advised and ask if the answer they gave was correct – or not. I know many of us follow questions we’ve answered. Wouldn’t it be nice to see if: she ever left the sleazy guy like we advised? Or did her father leave her mother? Or did he stay in school and finish the course work? Or did she ever start that business?

I promise to go back and update at least one question I asked a while ago. How about you?

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Yeah, I wonder if that kid ever showed up, the one apparently lost in the frizzer!!

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@ucme ‘Enquiring’ minds want to know.

I just updated 3 questions I asked in the past. it was fun.

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I really like to see follow-up responses!

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@marinelife So? Where did you decide to go during your vacation in April 2008? You got all those nice responses to your first question. Did you go to any of the places suggested?

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I love the idea. Unfortunately, some of the ones I’m most interested in hearing about have left the building : (

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@Kardamom Well then you should to answer some of your own. How about… Hey! Wait a minute! Have you really not asked a question?

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I love to get follow up! I’ll try to remember if I have any questions that need an update.

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Yes, we should. And based upon this question, I just posted one. Thanks for the nudge @LuckyGuy .

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I like follow up on questions that have been asked. To me it is part of the appeal of Fluther.

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Yes, I love follow up answers. Especially if they turn out well.

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@LuckyGuy You are correct, sir : )

I am an answerer not an asker. Well that’s not exactly true, I’ve asked lots of Q’s within Q’s.

All of the Jellies ask such great and relevant questions (well, most of the time) that I’ve not thought of anything they haven’t asked, sometimes at the exact moment that I’m thinking about something.

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@chyna So which TV did you get back in Sept 2008, the plasma or the LCD? And did you ever figure out how to attract guys? Besides me, of course.

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LCD and no, I never did figure out how to attract guys. Still single and dateless. sigh.

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About three months ago I asked for advice on getting a cat.


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Yes. It’s nice to see how things turned out. Sometimes I PM people and ask them to return to their Q thread and let us know what happened.

@ucme, unfortunately, no. The kid in the frizzer question was Caylee Anthony.

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Officially none the wiser.

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I think it’s great to see a follow up. Good idea @LuckyGuy.

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I do sometimes go back and update my own Q’s with what happened, because I really like to know what happened with other jellies when they are having a problem or ask for advice and suggestions.

When I am curious to know what happened or what another jelly decided to do, I usually go right back to the Q and post another answer asking what happened. Usually they are still following and let us know.

JCA is the update lady. She consistently requests a jelly come back and let us know what happened.

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Update Lady here. I love updates! I wish more people would remember to post them. I try to when I ask a question and I have some new information in reference to it.

I think unfortunately, many people come here, get their question answered and disappear into the deep blue sea.

The Update Lady

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I sure hope she left the sleazy guy…

I don’t think I’ve been very good about this, so thank you for reminding me, @LuckyGuy. I’ve gotten much kind and helpful advice on here ever since my first question. I’ll go look for one to update as well :)

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How can you find all your old questions?

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On your profile page, under View External Profile.

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