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Has anyone snagged an iPhone? If so, what are your thoughts, thusfar?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) June 30th, 2007

I was just wondering if the hype was warranted.

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I'm 95% thrilled so far. I never though my thumbs as particularly meaty, but I'm having a little transitional period from the physical keys on my treo.

I've had a difficult time transitioning my number from verizon (my voicemail still doesn't work) but I expected that.

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love mine! It hasn't dissapoinnted yet. 9 minutes to activate (although others have had trouble). Answered this on it! :)

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My favorite blog ever, BoingBoing, has done a pretty fair review of their take on what they call "The Jesus Phone." Check it out:

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I agree with you one hundred percent, segdeha.

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Well....I'm 2 hours in on a support call with at&t; and apple to try and fix my voicemail.

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went to the apple store in danbury, ct at opening on saturday morning. stood in line behind eight people, walked away with my iphone after waiting ten minutes. when i got home, it took me three minutes to activate the phone, and i can comfortably say it's the most amazing device i've ever seen.

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i'm just going to throw out there that while i don't doubt everyone's excitement, here.. but at the same time it'd really be hard not to love something that you just dropped so much cash on. Again.. I believe that it's awesome, but I'm also pretty sure that we're not going to see any real issues and complaints for a while after it's been out and around.

of course that's not to minimize your VM issue - best o' luck! i hate waiting on support with phone companies more than I can express.

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yes, and just got home from iPhoneDevCamp - imagine the size of the brain created when 200 geeks descend upon a problem.. that's what's happening this weekend as we hack away at the possibilities of the new iPhone - and yes, it's very, very cool. Don't play with one unless you're prepared to buy (or have amazing will power)

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Or are already seduced by OpenMoko phones (, more like "the freedom phone" ;-)

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