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Will you play the Guess Who game?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25884points) September 9th, 2012

[ 1 ] Post something a certain known or not so known person has said or something he or she did. Please put the words “Guess who?” after each posted question.

[ 2 ] Player will post a guess. Just one guess per post, please. Post as many as you want but only ONE guess for each post. Also, you have to include the name of the jelly whose question you are answering.

[ 3 ] Once the questioner sees the right answer, he or she will post to acknowledge, making sure to include the winner’s name.

[ 4 ] Anybody is free to ask their own question at anytime. You may include it along with a posted guess or by itself.

[ 5 ] Asking for anymore clues is NOT allowed or volunteering any.

Thanks and good luck! : )

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17 Answers

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This guy had spectacles, dressed in white and stood up against the mighty while sitting with his eyes closed. Guess who?

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@mazingerz88 Mahatma Gandhi maybe?

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This person is known for having many wives, being obese, and was a ruler of a country.
Guess who?

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Henry the 8th?

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This guy composed something usually referred to in two words. One word is “cycle”, the other is included in the title of a great fantasy movie. Guess who?

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Ricchard Wagner

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This guy is omnipotent and has a strange affinity to frenchmen. Guess who?

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This guy discovers a country but inspite of his armor, gets killed by a native unequipped with gun powder. Guess who?

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@ragingloli Armstrong?

This young woman wrote letters and received them from a fiancé she had no inkling was in grave danger from a real estate investor.

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