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What are the terms and conditions of the ps3 stores?

Asked by Markos (73points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I mean when I buy a game can I install it in my friends and family ps3? Also, if decided to change the hdd or delete it or something, can I redownload the game?

I did google it but didn’t find the answer.

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look in the manual

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I dont think you can install the games on a bunch of different ps3’s if that’s what you mean.

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I’m pretty sure you can download them again.

I’d be real pissed if god forbid something happened to the HD on my PS3 and I couldn’t redownload Prologue from the store.

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I’m sure you can download it again, just not onto a different ps3 (a friends).

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Might I add, what’s stopping you from transfering the game from the system?

I don’t see why I can’t transfer Prologue to another PS3, since I bought it already.

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it isn’t in the manual, at least I didn’t see it. I looked on the ps homepage….. Apparently you can redownload anytime, for free, of course. But I read that on a forum, nothing official. And what about transfering to other ps3? It must be like iTunes and have a maximum of systems and requires your login info?

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anyone knows how this works?

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Content purchased from the PLAYSTATION Store can be accessed from different PLAYSTATION 3 systems (such as your friend’s PLAYSTATION 3) using the PLAYSTATION®Network account that purchased the content. Just log-in to your PLAYSTATION Network account from the other PLAYSTATION 3 system.

You can associate your PLAYSTATION Network account with up to five other PLAYSTATION 3 systems.

To access your PLAYSTATION Network account from a different PLAYSTATION 3:

Create a new local User Account on the other PLAYSTATION 3 system. ( (Users) > [Create New User])

Go to (Friends) and select [Sign Up for the PLAYSTATION®Network].

When the screen prompts you “Do you want to create a new account?”, select “No, I will use an existing account.”

Follow the on-screen instructions to associate your PLAYSTATION Network account with the new (i.e., your friend’s) PLAYSTATION 3 system. Once this step is complete, it will bring you back the XMB™ home menu where you will be able to access your PLAYSTATION Store content at your convenience.

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your welcome! ; )

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thank you very much. Apparently I didn’t read the whole manual, because I never saw that. Again, than you…..

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