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What can cause squeaking from my brakes while driving but not while braking?

Asked by trypaw (332points) September 9th, 2012

My car has been squeaking from the brakes (I think) as I’m slowly cruising. Like in a parking ramp. It doesn’t squeak at higher speeds. Also it doesn’t squeak when I brake at all, only while slowly cruising a slight squeak, squeak. I have no clue what condition my brakes are in I had them checked twice. about 6 months ago I was told 10,000 more miles or so. and Then 2 months ago I was told 30,000–40,000. These brakes are probably about 3 years old. Can anyone tell me whats wrong?

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I took off my front tire to look at my pads on that one. Well they look ok expect behind my rotor disk the brake pad looks kinda chipped and chopped up? Like its peeling funny and wearing on it weird? What could this be? Is this a caliper broken? What could be doing that to the brake pad from the other side of the rotor?

trypaw's avatar here is a picture of the back of my rotor disk. You can’t see the pad but its shredding (there is still a lot of pad left) Does this require immediate attention?

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I am no expert, by any means, but I would imagine your break pads are lightly resting on the tire, causing a squeaking. Perhaps the calipers need adjustment. In case you did not know, your photo link is broken.

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Go to auto repair place you trust and get your brakes fixed. The noise may be the “Feelers” that are on disc pad to tell you your pads are low. The picture looks like the rotor is destroyed.

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@Tropical_Willie The brake pads still have a lot of pad on them tho but they are shredding against my rotor and only the back of the rotor looks like this. The front is fine. Is it something with the back rotor brake pad?

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the caliper may be stuck, it is suppose to float to allow equal pressure on the front and back of the disk. If it freezes it will apply all the pressure on just one side causing the squeak and abnormal wear. Most brake shops will inspect them free.

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@DrBill I’m hoping to get them looked at tomorrow, thanks for your help! How serious is a stuck caliper? Will I have to replace my rotor disk it scratched up, and brake pad it worn down?

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that depends on how much damage was done

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If it isn’t your brakes, it can be your tie-rod end bushings, sway bar bushings, or any type of rubber within the chassis that is worn and making a noise. It can also be a sign of transmission wear if it is low speed, but I am not completely certain about that. Best wishes.

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