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Do you make use of online radio?

Asked by ninja_man (1136points) September 9th, 2012

Do you use online radio? How often?

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Quite often, mostly the local KEXP or the not so local BBC 1 or 2.

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Yes, a few times a week while using my computer at home. I even listen to some stations broadcasting over the air in my area that I could tune an ordinary radio to.

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Yes, because I live in an area with lousy FM reception because of hills. I listen to KFOG because I can get it in my car but not the house. Same with NPR and KALW.

I also listen to Pandora.

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With today fast techno age I don’t.

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Yes. I listen at work occasionally. I find I work better when I can listen to some music through my headphones. I have stopped doing it very often since I found out our downloads are monitored and listening to the radio can push up your download levels and then the boss has to have a talk to you. Since it was the finance boss who told me this, I felt I should moderate my use. Not that my use was problematic.

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I use it to listen to what was my favorite station when I lived in the USA. I love it!

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I listen to Pandora or something like it every day at work. The software I use at work takes up the computer’s CD player at all times, so it’s really my only option.

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Yep, NPR, BBC, KCSM, Pandora, and MLB radio among others, get some play, usually while I’m exercising. It goes in cycles but typically, between them, they get somewhere around five hours of play a week.

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The SO does. We have an internet radio in the kitchen, and it’s always on when we are cooking and cleaning up. Since he started learning French, he found a French news station that helps him practice understanding the spoken language.

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Sure I do. On occasion. Not every day. But when I need to.

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Not often. It’s chews up my data limit pretty quickly.

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Not often. If I do its when I’m fiendin for some new music.

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No, I never have, but the my Hubby does. I prefer the relative quiet of the day, but hubby has music on all the time.

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I have an Internet radio and I also listen to the radio through my PC. 90% of my radio listening is over the web.

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Yes, I listen to BBC a lot and RadioLab sometimes.
Would you also consider Pandora. I use that often.

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