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Are you content with your life?

Asked by abundantlife (349points) September 10th, 2012

I recently met with a man and he asked me the same question. I said yes. Then he asked me how many times you feel happy and content with what you got. I said no one can be content with what they got they always wanted more. He just said to me then you are not satisfied with your life. Do you feel the same like me.

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Nope. I know I’m blessed and don’t take it for granted. I have more than enough “stuff,” and I have a pretty fulfilling life. I’m in my 50’s though so I’m not scratching to make my mark anymore.

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The way I see it happiness is fleeting and causes more trouble than it’s worth, so I strive to be content. For the most part I am content, which does not mean I no longer grow as a person, far from it.

I am content with what I am doing with my life.


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I am content most days. Does it count as wanting more if you simply just want your bills to disappear. I want less not more. As it is. I want less stuff as well. Would throw a lot out only I hate waste and I hate sorting.

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I am content most of the time. I disagree that you always have to be longing for more.

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I’m happy. I should say I’m still learning to be happy, it takes work, but I now find myself so more days than not. I still want so I can’t really say I’m content but I don’t believe happiness is dependent on fulfilling wants or maintaining desires. So I suppose that makes me happy and not content.

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I am content, finally. I do not yearn for anything I do not have. What do you mean by “wanting more”? More money, more days above freezing, more campaign speeches, more time with my family?

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I am very happy. I feel tremendously fortunate and am grateful every day. Like @gailcalled and @Judi I feel very content with what I have and the activities of my daily life.

I don’t think any “thing” or other person is responsible for my it’s up to me to build a life comprised of the things I value and that bring me and my family happiness.
Above all else, that we have good health and adequate food and housing make me feel blessed beyond measure.

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No. There is a lot in my life that makes me feel insecure and, until I can feel more secure, I will never be content.

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It doesn’t take much to float my boat. Here, for example, is an Ode to the Lemon That balances out my list of today’s aches and pains.

I mourn today for all of those killed on 9/11 but I also mourn on other days for family and friends.

I am really grateful to have pulled the long straw in terms of living in the US., having enough
to sustain life without suffering, having only minor health issues compared to many, and knowing that Milo can dial 911.

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I think the question was edited after I answered. Or maybe I just answered the last question in the post. It was late.

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People who are content, do less. I prefer to have a certain level of discontent in my life. In fact, it makes me happy to feel a need to do something or to solve some problem. So I would have to disagree with the man in your question. He does not have a very sophisticated understanding of happiness.

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Wanting more and being content with what you have are not incompatible. I have everything I every wanted, yet I wanted a new laptop for years before I got one. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t content all that time.

I am content/happy every day, yet I wish my son could find a job, and I want my family to stay healthy.

If being content with what you have is equal to not wanting more, that is a very narrow definition of the word content.

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Overall, I am happy with my life. Content? not so sure. I have this nagging feeling that the contentment is actually just laziness or fear of change.
Having chosen the path of family, friends and a permanent home and many possessions but sometimes I wonder….............

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