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How do I know if this guy's only after physical attraction or if he's after a relationship? (long question)

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6607points) September 10th, 2012

I’ve been talking to this guy who’s 4 years older than I online, last Saturday we decided to meet up and we had a great time. He told me a lot about himself and he was being very honest. Before, when I was still talking to him only through the internet, he told me about his past. We got to talk more about that in person on Saturday when we met for the first time.
He met my mum and dad and they questioned him and later they told me he seemed nice and very honest.

When he was younger he used to drink a lot and parties, which led to him doing bad things he regrets and stuff. Now he’s been sober for almost 3 years and attends AA meetings every Sundays, he even asked me if I wanted to join him this past Sunday to see what they do at their meetings.

Now we later got into more deeper discussions and he told me he has slept with 20 girls (the majority of which he slept with the time he used to drink a lot). To be honest I was very shocked but then I thought of it, I mean at least he told me the truth unlike other guys who would have lied to me.
One thing though, I’m a virgin who’s only been with 1 guy and it didn’t last because all he wanted was sex. The guy I’m talking to now knows that I’ve only been in one of a somewhat serious relationship but he doesn’t know that I’m still a virgin.

Also after he told me that he became very worried and told me hope the number didn’t make me loose interest in him. He asked me on a second date and I said yes. He was very happy to be seeing me for the second time and it always complimenting me.

I’ve told my best friend about him and she says he sounds like a very nice guy and the fact that he’s honest makes him even more likable.

What tips and tricks do you on here have to give… I will be going on a second date with him soon and what should we talk about and do since we got to know so much about one another on the first date.

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