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How do I go about selling a $1,300 sculpture?

Asked by serenade (3784points) September 10th, 2012 from iPhone

… at least that was its value 10 years ago. Randy Cooper is the artist.

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Well first, you must realize that the only value an item has, regardless of name or purchase price, is the value one is willing to pay for it. Your piece might be worth $1,300 but that doesn’t mean that is what you will get. Art is a luxury item and many people cannot afford to pursue their collecting passions in this economy right now. I have several expensive painting that I have tried to sell in recent months with no success.

I would start with checking local galleries to see if they might take your piece on consignment and showcase it in their gallery. You can also try taking pictures and advertising it on Cs’List, Ebay, or other sites that cater to a large audience. I would also research the artist and see what their pieces are selling for right now.
If the piece is an original it will have more value than being of a limited edition or one of 300 replicas.

I would go for the gallery consignment option myself, you can always keep advertising while the piece is in a gallery and pull it if you find a private party buyer.

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P.S. Don’t limit the gallery search to just your local community. You might find a gallery in a neighboring town or several hours away that is located in a more economically solvent community where there will be more exposure and more people with an art budget.

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This site might be of use to you. It lists art sale sources.

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