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What's the longest time you have been single since you started dating?

Asked by chelle21689 (7769points) September 10th, 2012

I was single for 16 years before I had my first boyfriend. But that’s not what I’m talking about! I’m talking about in between boyfriends or NOW actually.

I’d say 6 months of being “single” but it’s kind of embarassing to admit…I met someone within only 1 month of being single and just out of a relationship. I wouldn’t recommend that of course…but I couldn’t help it because I knew my bf was a great catch and I didn’t want him to get away. Plus we took things super slow.
from the time we started “talking”
1 month till he held my hand LOL
3 months till a kiss
6 months till a relationship

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Had my first real g/f when I was 16 (almost 17).

I broke up with another g/f shortly after I turned 18 (fall of my senior year in HS).. Though I attempted to start dating a few other girls, and I had quite a few hook ups/flings/what have you’s in the interim… I did not have another serious long term g/f until early January of my 3rd year of college, when I was 21.5 years old.

When she and I broke up I had 8ish months of dating around/flings again, and then I’ve been in one of 3 relationships for all but 2ish months since… I’m now 27. I’ve at least kissed 40 or so girls, yet I’ve only “really” dated 5 of them.

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A year, but I like being single.

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7 years after walking in on my now ex cheating on me. I lost my trust in others for a quite a while after that and needed to regain my trust before getting back to dating.

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Started dating at 15; got married at 30; so, 15 years. Haven’t dated since.

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Edit: I haven’t been in a relationship for about a year. Last time I dated someone was seven months ago, though.

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I think I was 14 when I dated Jason for 6 weeks. My next date I was 15, and towards the end of the school year, so over a year in between. The next time I was single I was 21. I had a good 6 months or more not dating anyone, the break up after that long relationship was very difficult for me. Then I dated someone a few weeks, and then not long after calling it off with him another guy a few weeks. Finally, when I graduated college I hadn’t dated anyone in months, I moved to FL, met someone in about a month whom I date for 6 months I think? Then I broke up, and a few months later started dating my now husband.

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My relationship with my ex-wife ended in October 1985. My wife and I began our monogamous relationship in February, 1994; so I’d say about 8 years and 4 months.

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Between my partner and the last guy I dated…~8 to 10 years.

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My first serious bf was at 17 although I was awful at being his gf. Then at 18 I left him for the second bf who I was with for a whole year, but the story dragged on for three years. Meanwhile at 19 I found my soulmate, but now he’s gay haha and since then my last serious bf was at 22. Finally, these passed two years have been back and forth with one person but its nothing extraordinary. I think im exhausted haha

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So are you still single if you have a FWB type relationship going on?

After my first true love, I was single for a little over a year. It was the most miserable time of my life. But I wasn’t celibate the whole time.

Since that second relationship, I haven’t been single ever, unless you count the time in my marriage where we were sleeping in the same bed, but I was as lonely as I’d ever been.

I’m not one for being single. I think it would kill me if it went on for more than a few weeks. Psychologically, I am not made for being alone. I need to be in love. Without the connection to a lover, I start to feel like I don’t really exist.

I’m sure many people would say that is something I should work on in therapy. A lot of people believe you can’t really love someone else if you can’t be happy purely in your own company. Or something like that.

I can be happy alone, but I cannot be happy disconnected. I can not survive disconnected. I need to be connected to other people in deep, intense ways, or I feel lost in space, and if I get too lost, I seem to fall into a black hole that eats me up with hopelessness. When the hopelessness gets too big, and it seems inescapable, death starts to seem like a better alternative to the constant and endless pain I see before me. That’s not a lot of fun when you’re thinking about suicide all the time.

Did I tell you I hate being single?

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Are we talking how long between relationships or casual dating?
I’ve gone long periods of time between monogamous relationships. Years sometimes. I find it difficult to find people that I feel that way about. The gap between non-monogamous relationships is much smaller.

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From age 11ish to 45, the longest I’ve gone without a date/boyfriend/husband is three months. I wasn’t in serious, committed, monogamous relationships during all that time, though. Some of it was just dating around and such.

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I didn’t have my first “real” boyfriend until I was 15, I dated him for a year and then left him for someone else. I dated that second person for a year and a half, broke up with him in October and Started dating my current boyfriend in January. Of course i’m only 18 I have a long ways to go until I stop dating for good, so we’ll see.

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6 months… Hence why I’ve realized recently that I need to take a break and get used to being on my own. There’s also the fact that I’m profoundly in love with this guy across the Atlantic and it just wouldn’t be fair to get entangled with anyone while I still have these feelings…

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About 8 months, from December to August ish of this year. I had been single about the same amount before I moved across the country but I was living at home and dating, relationships, and sex do not happen the same way when you live at home as they do when you’re out on your own doin your own thing. Plus back then I was 19, this time around I’m 23 and man, I loved it. I was really sad at first about the loss of my ex-boyfriend from my life (I saw it coming, even broke up with him, but it was still that I just missed him as a person and friend) so there was a month where I sulked a lot and was semi anti social. Then I got over it, had a LOT of fun, drank too much, slept around too much, wasn’t careful, had to deal with the consequences of my carelessness, and now I’m kind of over that. Man it was great and great fun, but I think I kinda need someone to keep me in check, and I’m okay with that.

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I have been single since May 23, 2011. So a year and 3 months, give or take. I’m fine with it.

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Less than a year for all of them. Men and women.

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Except for foreign deployments, I haven’t been “single” since I was 17 when I met my future wife. It’s been 46 years plus about 2 years of dating.

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Maybe a month or two? (that sounds bad doesnt it?)

I was in a couple crappy long term relationships that when they ended I was ready to move forward right away and then I made the decision ya know what, no more relationships for a while, I’m just going to occasionally be with random girls here and there and that’s it. Well I fell in love with that first girl and we’ve been together for 6 years now lol

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About a year. This was between my first marriage ending and feeling ready and wanting to see anyone else. I didn’t want to jump into anything else and I had my children and my studies to focus on.

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