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What do you think about the ladies from "The Talk" on CBS doing their show today, au naturale?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) September 10th, 2012

The hosts of The Talk (including Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne) are all in bathrobes, no makeup, and no hair styling for today’s show, as are all of the show’s guests.

I think it’s great that they’re brave enough to go on television without being “done up”. I certainly wouldn’t want to!

Are you watching?
What do you think about it? Do you think it’s a great idea, or could you not care less?

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In my very humble opinion, I wish all people on television (or in movies, or advertisements) would do a great deal less with make-up and hair work before going on camera. Sure, your hair and clothes should be neat and clean, but why can’t we see what you really look like without the television make-up? I think it might do a little bit of good towards helping people to understand that much of what they see on TV and elsewhere is trickery.

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I’ll watch when they do it nude and covered with chocolate. : )

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Is it this?

They look much better without makeup, in my opinion. Everyone does.

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@tom_g Yep, that’s it. I really liked today’s show.

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Is Sara Gilbert the girl who was on the Roseanne Barr show?

Sharon Osborn looks like she’s had her lips artificially plumped.

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Did it say why the women went this route? That would be important to me…what message are they attempting to send?

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If you look at the comments below, sad that the men at dishin’ their natural look. Sad, but not surprising.

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What was the point?

Of course men are going to diss them. It’s blood sport. They are famous women on TV and any chance you get is a chance many goes won’t pass up. They are supposed to look beautiful and when they don’t, people get catty. I bet a lot of women were thinking “She’s nothing special. I can do better than her,” too.

So what was the point?

These are how real women look? I’m sorry, but no. Real women make themselves up. Or so I’m told here on fluther. I’ve argued that the natural look is better, and it is women, not men, who give me shit. They tell me I’m not serious and I don’t really want to look at them without their makeup on. They tell me it isn’t fake, either. It’s who they really are—the beautiful woman, not the natural one.


What was the point?

Honest. I don’t get it. Women are full of shit if they think they want to go around natural. They don’t. Not really. It’s just some stupid, cynical political point and they don’t even really believe it. It’s grandstanding. Give them the chance to be natural, and they’ll be scratching the mud to make home-made make-up in five minutes.

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I don’t wear makeup so I think it’s kind of nice. But I seriously doubt that they didn’t have any makeup on. There’s movie makeup that’s used to make people appear natural, as though they don’t have makeup on (most men in movies use that kind of make up). I just doubt that they would have no foundation or blemish cover up.

I guess I must be full of shit ^^ because I do go around all natural. Most of the jobs I’ve had were dirty and labor intensive so wearing makeup didn’t make sense, because it would have been smeared all over the place by the end of the day. I also realized that I look pretty good for my age and I really don’t need make up, I have naturally rosy cheeks and pretty good skin. I also don’t begrudge anyone who needs/likes to wear makeup because it can look fantastic if applied properly, like on My Queen

And This Fellow gets me all worked up into a hot lather when he wears makeup : P

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Some women need make-up more than others, tbh. I’ve been blessed with clear white skin and for now I will reap the benefits of that with a minimum of make-up while using my Lancome face cream morning and evening.

I wear a minimum of make-up, which for me is a touch of mascara (strawberry blond brows), a touch of lipstick and often no blush. My photographer has added eyeliner to the photo in my pic here on fluther.

We have to be able to show young ladies that it’s not the make-up and exterior that make you beautiful, it’s the inside and your personality. It’s probably just a publicity stunt for the show ratings, but any opportunity to ‘undress’ the mannequins on tv is a good thing.

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Shoot, I thought you meant they were all sitting there in the altogether. Now that would make news. This is just a program gimmick. “Look, we’re just like you before we get the professional make up job!” Enjoy it if it matters to you. I don’t watch the program. I understand I’d look more eye catching if I had a full makeup job, but that’s not who I am.

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^^ Exactly!

I look kind of like This but if I got all fixed up with makeup I could probably look like This. Athough even she doesn’t even look like that anymore : (

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It’s cool and ballsy, especially since they must wear so much makeup on a daily basis on that show simply because of what it is….so I’m all for it.

Makeup should not make you look like an entirely different person. I personally wear makeup to even out my skin tone and I know that I look a little better with it and some mascara. But I spend 2 or 3 minutes putting makeup on total, and I bet most women spend a lot longer than that with a variety of products and that’s unfortunate. Then when your boyfriend sees you for the first time without makeup, he’s gonna be like “What?!” And either love it or hate it. Maybe that’s the thrill, or maybe they never go au naturale, but I feel like that’s putting on a permanent front! Silly.

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They all actually had on a base-like makeup, they just didn’t go for the look they usually do, which is a little slutty, IMO. And Melody Thomas-Smith (one of the guests) had so much white crap around her eyes it was downright distracting.

No makeup, my ass.

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@laurenkem Thanks for the comment. I give them less credit than I had. I guess if you live in a world of make-believe, the make-believe becomes standard for them.

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I think it’s awesome. Someone has to take the lead and show some women they can be comfortable as an actual human instead of an object under constant criticism. Society does it to them, and they also do it to themselves. I just wish some of them would freaking let go and relax.

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I think it’s a great idea, I used to wear so much makeup, makeup was my life, now I really couldn’t be bothered. People say I look better natural anyway. I think people see me now, as opposed to a whole bunch of “stuff”.

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I just wish someone would gag Ozzy’s missus, that voice really grinds on me.

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