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If Republicans win the presidency, will the Democrats in Senate practice the same level of obstructionism as the GOP has?

Asked by rojo (24159points) September 10th, 2012

And if so, will they be as successful at it?

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I would guess yes, and almost without a doubt they would have success. So long as the Republicans don’t get to 60 seats, all it takes is one US senator to stall anything and everything.

The difference for me is I would find the Democratic refusal to be justified, and I would guess they wouldn’t use it on simple operational acts like lower court appointments and agency appointments.

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Absolutely, no question about it.

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To some extent probably so. I would hope it would not be so extreme. It really depends on what is being voted on. I would hope the democrats would not stand in the way of something just because a Republican proposed it.

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They already have. The Senate has refused to even vote on any of the bills passed in the House. The Senate won’t even bring a budget bill to the floor. As long as Harry Reid is in charge of the Senate, nothing will even come to a vote let alone pass. That’s as obstructionist as you can get.

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Of course they will. At least, I hope they will. They will not be doing their job if they do not represent their constituents. They need to make sure that any compromises help their constituents. If not, they’ve got to filibuster.

Will they do this? Well, typically, Democrats aren’t as obstructionist as the Republicans are. So I’m not sure they will.

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Probably. I would like to think that they would try to help the American people, but politicians do not seem to work well with others…. and the divide between the Republicans & the Democrats is very immense.

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I do miss the days of civility in politics.
The Senate members are elected for 6 years. The House for 2 years. This was designed to make sure Congress listens to the will of the people, but also doesn’t succumb to temporary flashes of fashionable but wrong politics.

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