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Is life complicated or humans merely complicate life?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25284points) September 10th, 2012

If you have to pick just one statement as the conditional “thruthier” truth, which would you choose?

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Humans merely complicate life. Hands down, we create a lot of our own problems, drama, and misery.

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Without a doubt the latter.

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Humans complicate life.

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In my view, there is absolutely nothing that is just plain simple in the entire universe.

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I agree, it goes both ways. Some days the dog eats you, other days you eat the dog..

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We just love a good complication or two in the day. Not!

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I think in western culture we complicate life, somewhat as well in eastern culture, however if you ask me, I believe living with nature back in the day, like 1600’s America sounds like heaven. Just humans working in small groups working for food, and the bond must have been very strong. Now a days, we have all these “status” stresses and ton of “political” struggle. I don’t know simpler times just seem more pleasant. (Of course it’s not like we can’t handle our current society)

I’m going to go with “life is complicated”

Because even for animals there are daily stressors and surviving although from our perspective might seem a burden in todays global economic society, nature’s routine offers plenty of complex situations. Warning, this is a graphic video of nature at it’s best or worst

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We think too hard. Things would be easier if we didn’t feel the need to analyze everything.

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Life is intricate and complex. Us dumb humans think the world and universe revolves around us, and we love to complicate things as much as possible. We try to control other peoples happiness because of our own opinions, we build these complex cities and never even give nature a second glance, we think our little relationship problems are a big fuckin deal so we go shoot up a bunch of strangers in a movie theater, we eat food that isn’t real food, feed our kids sugar instead of vegetables, put them in front of a TV rather than having them play outside. It’s disgusting and sometimes I’m embarrassed to be a human. I think the problem is that a lot of people forget that we’re animals and a product of simpler things on the Earth and we create these things that we think matter but actually they don’t matter. Material things and even money, things that don’t really make us happy but we feel like they “must”. Ugh. @imgr8 What you said, essentially.

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Well, humans invented bureaucracy didn’t they?

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Look at the majority of the other animals out there. What do they do on an average day? Gather food, find a shelter and such and then just relax. Most animals it seems spend more of their day sitting around playing or relaxing far more than any real survival work.

We live in such a “modern and advanced” world and what the hell do we do all day? Run around from this place to that, worrying about everything all the time and as if normal life isn’t enough we surround ourselves with cellphones and computers and deal with all the virtual drama too. We definitely make our lives way more complicated than they need be.

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Humans are life.

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@Shippy Grotesque.

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We complicate it! I have yet to see a nicely written letter to the editor of some newspaper from, say, a Labrador telling the world about how complicated a dogs’ life is! Or how life was better and simpler just chasing a stick rather than some plastic critter.

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