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Graphing in excel?

Asked by cefiol (2points) September 10th, 2012

How can you set the dates of when data was taken in the x-axis? I want the numbers in the x-axis to replace for the actual days.

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in select data for graphs clear everything out and just select/highlight the data
=sheet1! $b$1:$b$20 on sheet1 column b row1 to column b row 21
have the dates to the right of their data
i’m still not sure why it’s working but it is

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Yes, it’s quite common to have dates in an Excel graph X-axis. I prepare project estimates and budget worksheets that summarize expenses from month to month for projects that last years, and then chart “monthly costs” on one Y-axis and “project to date” costs on a secondary Y-axis.

Something like that?

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I’m not sure how to explain it. I’m speaking as a behaviorist. I take data on behaviors, which would be my y-axis (how often they occur on a certain day). So my x-axis would be those dates that I take data on.

I can set the x-axis as dates in general, but I can’t change them. Ex: they’re 1/1/12, ½/12, ⅓/12, etc. I can’t edit them. My question is to how? Ha

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You may be misunderstanding at a much lower level of spreadsheet design than I’m attempting to address.

When you say “I can’t edit them” (meaning the dates), I read that literally: You can’t edit the dates. In that case you need to redesign the spreadsheet; take off worksheet or cell protection; or change the range that you’re attempting to graph… or all of those things.

So if you can explain exactly what you’re trying to do and what isn’t working, then maybe I can help. Changing data should not be a problem. Trying to graph more than, say, a month’s worth of “individual dates” might be a problem – a problem in making a readable graph! – but it’s also possible to change the “scale” on the X-axis, so that each day is charted, but the date only displays as often as you say it should (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).

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