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Can you recommend classical music to listen to while studying?

Asked by stardust (10544points) September 10th, 2012

I’m looking for some relaxing classical music to listen to while I study, as the library can be noisy. I’d rather stick my headphones on and get on with it, but preferably with some soothing music.
Thanks :)

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Debussy – Suite bergamasque

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Vivaldi, The Four Seasons.
Handel, Water Music
Antonio Salieri, anything.

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I use Pandora which really does a nice job of offering a wide slice of great music!

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Mozart is supposed to raise the IQ. But I personally love Bach. The Brandenburg Concertos are wonderful.

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Erik Satie’s Gymnopedies is lovely ambient music from the 1880s

You can get his complete piano works for $20, pretty good for 5 CDs

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Personally, I would wear ear plugs. I cannot imagine listening to most of the pieces suggested above as background music.

Fancy trying to concentrate on French grammar or partial differential equations during Vivald’s Winter or The Brandenburgs. I would do neither the academics nor the music justice.

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It’s interesting, I don’t mind music playing quietly in the background while I work or study. But I can’t concentrate on the subject at hand if I have head phones or ear plugs pouring it directly into my ears.

I go with @gailcalled , I would opt for squishy ear plugs to dampen the exterior sounds.

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Classical, you can just pick through the greats.
Chamber Music? Try Kronos Quartet or the Vitamen String Quartet.

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Great classical music which is very relaxing (these are mostly movie soundtracks):
The Gravel Road from The Village.
Fairy Dance from Peter Pan.
Main Theme from A Beautiful Mind.
American Beauty by Thomas Newman.
Aquarium from Carnival of Animals.
Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.

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@lookingglassx3: If I listened to Swan Lake, I would soon be en pointe and doing tours jet├ęs around the stacks.

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@gailcalled Hahaha, good point. :) I do think it’s relaxing, but after thirty seconds I’d probably find myself stood next to you doing pirouettes. xD

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