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So, how many complete books have you read in your life?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I have read maybe like 6–10.. :(

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too many to give you an exact number. during the summer, i read A LOT (~3 books/week). and other times i read maybe one/month. But i have loved reading since i learned to read, so i can’t really approximate except for “a lot”. what about you?

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to be honest with you…....I haven’t been counting

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Nobody told me I had to keep track!

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Thousands I’m sure.

Of course, the number is kinda meaningless. It doesn’t take into account the contents of the books, breadth, difficulty or anything like that. You could read tons of fluff and not get any real benefit from it.

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A bunch if you count all the Dr. Seuss and all the junior high/high school stories.

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none…I couldn’t even finish reading your question.

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just kidding. About two dozens

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I tend to have jobs that allow insane amounts of free time where reading is the only thing you can do. I have probably read over a 750 books between work, school, and free time.

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thousands. What’s weird is that I never read until after college when I got a job in the mall during mornings. It was very slow and a guy accrodd the hall gave me a book… I haven’t stopped. Even if you don’t read currently, the habit might come later.

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It depends on where you start from, I’ve read a number of series based books (think Alex Rider, Cherub, and then earlier then that Hardy Boys, Famous Five etc.) when I was a younger teen but more recently I’ve not really completed any books. I’m currently reading this which is long but somewhat interesting as I wish to learn more about Russia. I would like to get into reading more but eh, I don’t know where to start. It’s hard to find something that’s interesting now and reading as a kid was just impressed upon me a lot so i just read but now…eh.

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Hundreds and hundreds. Usually 3 at a time and finish one or two per week. Currently reading The Rising Tide by Churchill and a novel by Lee Childs (but really love his writing).

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I can’t begin to calculate how many books I’ve read. If I have no obligations, I read from 1 to 3 books in a day. Life unfortunately interferes with my reading time.

As an isolated kid, I spent entire summers reading multiple books a day.

I own several thousand. That doesn’t include library books, book that I trade and sell, and books that I exchange with several friends.

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I couldn’t even guess how many, but it’s a lot!

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I have no idea really, but roughly 60 a year for the past say… 13 years… that’s about 780?
.. though I have read quite a few more than once.

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My list on GoodReads is over a thousand, and that’s not even remotely all of them. I try to read at least 1 book every couple of days; if I have the time, I’ll read 3 or 4 in a day. It’s a great hobby.

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My Delicious Library sums up at almost 900, but I have hundreds more that I trade on Bookins, and that’s all just recently from my adult life… if I went back to the time I started reading, I would say there would need to be a VERY big library to hold all the books I had EVER read… and I have no intention of stopping. So, I guess that library should intend to add a wing or two over the next several decades… Sometimes I read one a day, four or five a week and sometimes less…

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I’d have to say dozens. I would love to say hundreds but I think that’s just how many I’ve purchased. If only my zeal for buying books would translate into actually reading them.

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