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Do you ONLY ENGLISH speakers, like any Spanish song that you have no idea what the lyrics say?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I started to like English music before I knew any English, then I’ve been learning from music…

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I love the beat and just the flow of the words, while having no idea what they’re saying.

I like artists such as, Alexis y Fido, Voltio, Mario Vasques, Don Omar.. Etc

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I <3 La Camisa Negra by Juanes. Listen:

However, the video is not so great.

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I like that Gasolina song.

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I can only speak a small amount of Spanish. Not near enough to translate a song, so to answer your question, no.

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I agree with the Wizard. Also, I really like the Shakira’s “Ciega, Sordomuda”. I have absolutely no idea what it is talking about.

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yes i do! now if i could only remember the names. Do you have any suggestions for us? Any good fast dance songs (or just songs with a good beat?) ps – i love represent cuba by orishas, but most of that is in english so i don’t think that counts.

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WTF is that about?

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my neighbors play the most annoying shit, it sounds like the circus song or the end of a bugs bunny cartoon…

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i don’t think he meant people who speak only english. i believe he meant “have you ever liked songs from another language, when you did not know what they meant?”

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I gathered that much, I was just pointing out that “do you ONLY ENGLISH” sounds rude

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Oooohhhhhh! In that case, yeah. I read Spanish music and thought that’s all that was ment.

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the asker is currently in the process of trying to learn the language, so i wouldn’t be too harsh on him. once again, i think he was just trying to emphasize that you must not speak spanish to answer this question, and he thought by capitalizing “only english”, he would be able to emphasize it.

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thanks PnL, LOL but he is actually a she…

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you know what, i thought of that after posting, but by the time i came back, it was too late to edit the response! my apologies!

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no problemo!! Thank for being patient with my spelling!! I will ne patient with your spanish!! LOL

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Yo escuchar la musica reggaetone un poco. Es bueno.
—as you can see, my
Spanish isnt the best—

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What did they used to say on American Bandstand? “Its got a good beat and it’s easy to dance to”

I have listened to the Gypsy Kings for years and have no idea what they are saying…but that’s okay- I can’t make out
the lyrics in some of the krumpified rap songs that are in english!

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I also love La Camisa Negra, not got a clue what it actually mean. I’m gonna have to plug the lyrics into a translator now!

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La camisa negra means “the black shirt.”
I don’t know the song, so I can’t tell you the rest, sorry =p

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Not nesscarily Spanish songs, I do listen to a lot of other language songs though, mainly German. I also listen to Deep Forest in which their songs include what can only be called ‘lyrics’ from multiple countries across the world :)

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I enjoy Carlos Vives. He has a great American rock sound. Check him out

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great music transcends language – i like songs in spanish, portuguese, french, japanese AND english!

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i listen to this metal band from east l.a. called Brujeria. i think thats spanish for witchcraft. they are brutal. there vocals growl and have a cookie monster in spanish feel to them.

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I’m a Tejano music fan so.. too many to mention. One of my favourite albums at the moment is ‘Rolas de Aztlan: Songs of the Chicano Movement’.

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although they sing a number of songs in english, i prefer some of the songs in spanish by los lobos. and dengue fever is good, as well (not spanish though)

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I haven’t listened to much Spanish music, but I do have a lot of Brazilian music in Portuguese.

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