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Looking to score an antique gumball/candy machine, other than gumballs, what should I put it in?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9822points) September 11th, 2012

You have no idea how excited I am to have this machine. Really, really excited.

It is a one cent machine!

No chocolate and no gumballs.

What would you put in your machine?

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The machine has been thoroughly cleaned. I’m looking for candy suggestions.

What would you have in yours?

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Those red sugared peanuts! Yum!

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Skittles, breath mints, or root beer barrels.

Ooh! Werther’s! Mmm… caramel hard candy….

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Oooh, root beer barrels!!!!!

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Either peanut m&m’s or peanut butter m&m’s or even the almond m&m’s

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^^^ OP said “no chocolate.”

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I agree with Root Beer Barrels.

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Brach’s butterscotch hard candies

They seem to have a very long shelf life, like the Root Beer Barrels.

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I am considering the double antique here. So, more options. :)

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Pistachio nuts in the shell. The class will stay clean and they last a long time. Get unsalted so they don’t wreck the machine.
Peanuts in the shell. Again, unsalted.

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chicklets, or lifesavers (I love the wintergreen ones but any would work)

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I may opt for Thrills gum. It’s a Canadian product.

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My grandpa had a few of these in his “bar” when we were kids, and he kept them stocked with peanuts for us. It was awesome!

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Halloween Candy Corn.

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@gailcalled The OP also asked what we would put in our machine.

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Since fall is coming up, how about candy corn?

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Here we have the mother of all gumball machines.

Fly, if I put candy corn in there, soon, my candy machine would be depleted. ;)

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Fire balls.

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Whatever you decide to put in it, make sure it’s something you can eat before it goes rancid. Because I love the idea of the in shell pistachios like @LuckyGuy mentioned, but you can’t really let that amount sit around for more than a couple of weeks.

Candy-wise, I love those candy covered peanuts called Boston Baked Beans.

Multi colored Sour Balls

And maybe Jelly Bellys

Or Malt Balls (these are covered in chocolate, but you can get different kinds that are not chocolate)

Or even Espresso Beans

I am so craving all of these things right now!

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Yogurt covered raisins.

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