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Music that reminds you of someone, and why.

Asked by SomeoneElse (2698points) September 11th, 2012

The REM song ‘Night Swimming’ always reminds me of my son. He went to Quebec and said that swimming in a lake at night was just so brilliant: hence the memory when I hear the song.
Which song reminds you of someone, friend or family!

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The song “Will You Go With Me” reminds me of him. He was singing it to me the first night we were officially together. Can’t listen to it now.

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Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars reminds me of my boyfriend that passed away of cancer because the song seemed to be playing on the radio everytime we talked those last months. Since his passing I downloaded it from itunes and listen to it from time to time and it brings back memories of our times and conversations together and can’t help but tear up everytime.

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I could spend all week answering this and still not scratch the surface. Though usually moments are what music reminds me of more than specific people.

We Are! will always remind me of my wife for all the adventures we’ve had and all those yet to come.

Big Sky I will always associate that with my best friend. Something about the music captures so perfectly the energy, emotion, and sense of possibility that our relationship has embodied through the years.

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“Free Bird” reminds me of my first husband who died. Also Pink Floyd “So You Think you Can Tell.” We were working on perfecting that song before he died. And “Wild Horses” because he used to sing it to me with so much heart.
He died 23 years ago. That seems impossible.
Doris Day’s ” Red Red Robin” reminds me of my mom. When she found out she was dying she said that the line from the song, “Live, Love, Laugh and be Happy” kept going through her head and those words were her dying wish for us.
“You Are My Sunshine” reminds me of my dad. It was his favorite song. He died when I was 10.

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What Colour is the Wind by Charlie Landsborough reminds me of my grandad. He used to sing it to me when I was very young and I always marveled at what a sweet song it was. Even when I was young I was always grateful to him for introducing me to such a touching song and loved it when he sang it to me. It was played at his funeral.

I Caught Myself by Paramore reminds me of a teacher I once had a crush on, ages and ages ago. I wanted him but I knew I shouldn’t.

Untouched by The Veronicas reminds me of my crush (not the teacher). I’ve liked him for five years now, and this song pretty much sums up all the feelings I have for him; how after five years I feel “so untouched”, but how I still “want him so much”, and how it’s “not enough to say that I miss him”.

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Interesting. For whatever reason, I don’t have any associations of music with people right now. Perhaps it’s because the music I make is all improvisational. It’s kind of hard to form those associations when the music is never the same twice.

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Two specific albums by Ramstein. Mutter and Sehnsucht. I had a long time great friend in Winnipeg who was obsessed about this band, and these were her two favorite albums. this is all she’d ever listen to. We listened to it a lot, and I can’t help but to think of her everytime I listen now. I got all their stuff and listen often, and the memory won’t go away. Not that I want it to. It feels neat, kinda like we’re listening to them together again while getting all stoned haha. [/CORNDOG]
She was a freakin hooligan though, always doing wild shit and getting in trouble and I have absolutely no idea where she is now. Can’t find her on Facebook anywhere, so of course I imagine the worse, lol.

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Texarkana – REM | Reminds me of a time back on the Emerald Isle when I still thought I had good friends

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This song embodies a hope of someday, somehow, someway…

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Clannad Closer to Your Heart will always remind me of a certain person and a certain time in my life, I love the song, the person concerned is no longer special to me but the song remains.

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Music is very evocative for me, but it seems there are few songs that reliably remind me of someone in particular. I think that music tends to remind me of places and times more than it reminds me of people.

Seed by the Afrocelts reminds me of my best friend and my brother from another mother. It’s his favorite song by them, we had many healing and tranquil times together listening to this, and I listen to it when I am especially missing him.

Between Stars by Underworld reminds me strongly of the guy across the sea who makes me weak. I can’t even listen to it unless I’m prepared to get choked up.

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“Laid” by James reminds me of every dangerous lover I’ve had.

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