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What's a good way to prevent blisters from shoes?

Asked by MisterBlueSky85 (892points) June 4th, 2008

My ladyfriend tells me that walking around in nice shoes without socks leads to blisters. Are there any good methods for preventing these? (Band-aids on the inside of the shoe, for instance?) We were talking and I thought of you guys…

( Side question: what does THAT mean? :O )

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Ummmmm, socks.

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Band-aids don’t stay on very long if the shoes constantly rub. Try strapping tape on the hot spots before they turn into blisters. Or you can buy special little pads that stop the friction, you put a bit on your foot and a bit on your shoe where that place on your foot will be.

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Get some Compeed. It’s for the treatment of blisters but if you put one of the strips on the part of your foot that is likely to blister, it’ll protect it. They stay on for up to 3 days and are made of silicone, therefore having a skin-like texture.

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Comfy extra-padded socks. And if you don’t want to get some, just wear two pairs of socks.

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Thing is, though, there are some shoes that girls aren’t supposed to wear with socks (nicer shoes). I’m asking about preventing blisters from wearing those types of shoes. I guess I could have phrased my original question a little better. That’s what I get for fluthering at 3:00 am.


So far the best response was from shrubbery. I’ll suggest tape to her, or maybe we can find those special pads at a Good Foot or something?

@Tennis5tar – We’ll give that a go if there’s no better way to permanently prevent blistering.

Thanks guys!

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if you wear them long enough and work through the blisters, your skin will toughen up and blisters won’t be an issue. i always got blisters from new shoes when i was a kid, even with socks on.

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I’m not exactly sure what the product is called but it’s something you put on that comes in a container just like deoderant. You apply it right to the place where you think you’ll blister. I’ve never used it but I hear that it works pretty well.

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If your shoes fit properly you shouldn’t have to worry about getting blisters. But you can look at the foot section of almost any pharmacy and find all kinds of handy dandy pads to reduce the friction that causes blisters.

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Yes, that’s where I got my little friction reducing thingies, at a chemist. They would probably be better than tape because if the shoes are sort of strappy or nice heels, if you can see the tape it wouldn’t look very elegant :p
I don’t know where you are or if this store is anywhere else in the world but it is in Australia and it’s called Sportsgirl. You can get some nifty things in there, like hollywood tape and these little gel pads you can put in your shoes to help them stop hurting, I don’t know if they would actually prevent blisters though, they might. Here is a description:

Arch Support Pads for closed shoes. Rrevolutionary orthopaedic footcare. They make totally painful shoes comfy to wear, including high heels! These support the longitudinal arches of the foot and releases pressure from sore/aching arches. There is a self-adhesive layer covered with removable waxed paper to prevent the support slipping in the shoe.

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I have the same problem. I always have a hard time getting the right shoes that don’t make my feet hurt. I have really small feet with super high arches, so I’m very limited to what kind of shoes I can wear. My suggestion is to go to a nice department store and have a sales person help you find the right shoe for your foot. They’re pretty good at it. I would suggest Nordstrom, and after a while you get used to what kind of shoes you’re supposed to be wearing.
Just remember, you gotta take care of your feet, you dont want them to end up looking all funky when you get older!!!
Good luck!!

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Maybe if you put some liquid skin on the areas that rub.

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I stick a piece of duct tape on the areas on my feet that are being rubbed when I go hill walking. The smooth shiny surface helps prevent the friction. However I’m not sure if that look would go with strappy sandals eh?

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MOLE SKIN. Here are some images.

This stuff is great, it’s flesh colored first of all, but you can put it wherever you need it. I use it when Hiking, or wearing a pair of heels that may pinch a little at the toes, it adheres to the skin, but is a soft fuzzy material on the outside, so the shoe, sock whatever will not stick to it or move it around too much. Hope this helps!

@crazyprincess I have the same problem, I wear a kids size 2 and have really high arches… Check out They specialize in small feet and you can fax them an outline of your foot and they will recommend the right size and fit for you, prices are good and they have great stuff, but mostly sandals, dress shoes, high heels.

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nylon stockings.

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