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Did the Yea's really win in the Democratic vote to re-insert God and Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel into the party platform?

Asked by rojo (22079points) September 11th, 2012

After repeated listening to the recordings I can say that I do not believe they did but I would like your opinion.
And, had they not done so, what would the repercussions have been?

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No, the vote was embarrassingly obviously wrong.
One should note that this vote was taken when most delegates were out of the convention hall, and the ones who stuck around were there to vote against this inclusion.
The chair handled it badly, but did the right thing.
It needed to be done.

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Here is a link that shows how that vote sounded. Pretty amazing.

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I was at the laundry which unfortunately was playing FOX news. They replayed this for about an hour talking about the video Filmmann has provided. Indeed video was pretty amazing.

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No, and the vote was pathetic and an embarrassment, not just because this was cowardly done purely as a response to public backlash, but also because it is another cobble stone on the road to theocracy. “God” has to be in everything now. The Democratic Party should be ashamed.

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They needed two-thirds they weren’t even close. What’s worse, with actual concerns and issues at hand such tripe shouldn’t even be on the agenda. This is from where party idealism springs and is embraced? What a farce. But then they’re looking to win votes from right leaning undecideds and those fringe reds who were at all disillusioned by the RNC. This is the kind of advertising that helps get it done without significantly risking your core or fringe voters, really, sadly what else is there to expect.

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No. Isn’t this the kind of thing that people criticize Democrats for? We just heard Deval Patrick’s, it’s time for Democrats to grow a backbone and stand up for what we believe. Then this. Yes, I know…it’s all about appealing to the religious in the country, etc. However, when is it not? Then what about the original omission? What happened? Where’s the pushback? Why is it that Republicans and the religious who are able to effectively frame every “issue”?

The omission of “god” from the platform is good for all believers in this country. Very good. Now, that should be the message. It makes Democrats look like spineless jellyfish who are on the wrong side of the issue. They weren’t. But now they are.

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They were trying to eliminate a talking point for the Republicans, who, of course, can’t take a shit without invoking God to make sure everything comes out all right, and base their policies on a book that was written 2000 years ago. But God creates lots of warm fuzzies for the brain dead crowd. Oops. Shouldn’t have said that. Gonna get Dems in trouble.

It was patently obvious what the vote was and wasn’t and why they were doing it. Pandering.

Give me a break. This is politics.

In any case, you could hear in the background someone advising him that he had to call the vote, and that’s the way it was unless someone appealed it. Did anyone appeal it? If not, then it is a legal vote. That is the power of the Chair. Things like that happen all the time in legislatures all over the world. Although, in legislatures, someone can call for a count.

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Democracy Democrat style. Ask for a vote, then do as you want.

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@Jaxk Honestly, you would complain if the vote went the other way!

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@filmfann – The vote did go the other way.

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oh @Jaxk Of course, this would never happen if a Republican held the gavel. Nope. Not anywhere. Or is it that if they did do it, they would never have it caught on video tape in front of a national audience. Nope. Republicans do everything better, don’t they? Besides being more morally upright and smarter.

You know, I have to say it must take a great deal of moral fortitude to hang around with us reprobates and try to set us straight. Thankless task and all. Thanks for your sacrifice.

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It amuses me how this turned into a Republican bashfest. Very telling.

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@Jaxk Did you notice how the Republicans dealt with the Ron Paul supporters at their convention? They seated them as far away from the stage as possible, to silence them, then changed the rules so that Ron Paul wouldn’t even have his name go into nomination.
I guess both parties have their moments.

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Wow, you guys are really sensitive about this one. And I admit, I’m getting a chuckle at your expense. If this had happened at the RNC you all would whooping up a storm. If your honest with yourselves, you’ll admit it was quite funny. They make a big deal of changing the platform and it goes horribly wrong. I can’t help but think of Christopher Darden when he asked OJ to try on the glove. A colossally stupid move.

And yes @filmfann both parties have their moments, as everyone does. You just have to chuckle and move on.

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