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Can anyone suggest the best laptop for heavy photoshop and corel painter 12 use? With a budget of £500 or less.

Asked by noodle_poodle (1614points) September 12th, 2012

I am having to replace my current samsung r530 due to constant power problems and it crashing with painter 12. I have only had the damn thing 2 years :( can anyone suggest a better replacement? i am an artist/designer who travels a lot so though I know a desktop would offer better spec for the money its just not doable for me.

All suggestions welcome especially if they come with explanations and links. Thanks in advance!

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I have read and experienced that most graphic designers prefer Mac. Now I am sure that will start a fight with someone but 85% is the figure I always heard bandied about. I know that I never have crashes or freezes with my macbook pro regardless of how huge the photoshop and illustrator files become.

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I have an HP Pavilion g71150us Notebook with 8Gb memory and 625 Gb disk space and it cost me about $800 US dollars. I have my entire Adobe CS4 suite and use it heavily [as well as MS Office suite and a lot of specialty design and web programs and I am a heavy photoshop user and often work on very large scale images. It does just fine. It is my workstation when I am not at home.

my business is graphic design. I custom ordered it through my local good computer store

My home machine is also an HP—Touchsmart—8Gb memory, 2Tb disk space.

If you are not a Mac person, go HP.

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thanks all. I didnt jump to mac. In the end the best spec for the money turned out to be the lenovo ideapad. I am just playing with it now.

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