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What are some good ideas on decorating a foyer?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26854points) September 12th, 2012

A friend just bought a two-story house and the foyer looks bare as it is. There is a plain looking square window above the front door and the stairs are in an unassuming L-shaped form. I would guess the whole foyer is 12×12 feet?

I looked at the high walls and thought…tapestries maybe?

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Antique quilts, paintings, (I have an attic filled with those of both my mother and grandmother..they are large and would look really lovely in your friend’s foyer), hand-painted mural (lots of local artists will do that), antique barometers, antique farm tools and utensils, musical instruments.

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Frames with family photos and other interesting pictures. Souvenirs. Paint walls an interesting color. Put a nice runner on floor.

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A cool indoor fountain and some potted plants, providing there is enough light.
I am addicted to making decorative water features around my house. Everything from big ceramic bowls filled with cool rocks from my travels, set on pedastals with aquatic plants, reeds, grasses etc.
I also make smaller bowls with pebbles and water and float tea candles in them.
Water features are cool, easy to maintain and add a lot of ambience.

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I like the combination of plants and candles in this picture. Note the beautiful chandelier You can find many more on an image search for entryway decor

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I like the idea of pictures. We take lots of pictures but now we have trouble finding places for them. A picture wall sounds interesting.

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I go to open houses and look at model homes all the time (for fun and free design ideas) I’ve seen this quite a bit and I love it: a slim table Like This with a big mirror hung over the table. You can put a bowl of fruit, or a bowl of ornaments or a flower vase or some framed photos on the table.

Or they could do something like This with a unique looking chair, some artwork and either a candle stick like they’ve used in this picture, or even a hat rack or a decorative light fixture.

If the space is big enough they could even put a bench style seat in there, with some artwork above it Like This

Here’s a neat looking slim cabinet with drawers that not only looks good, is very functional Here and it has a lovely mirror over it.

They might also want to paint one wall with a rich accent color that complements the color in the rest of the living room or whatever room the foyer opens into. Like This

I also second @YARNLADY‘s idea of having a chandelier. I like This One and This One or This One

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Thanks for all the great ideas! @Kardamom Beautiful furniture!

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A low dresser is also a versatile piece of furniture that can function as storage, a buffet for hors d’ouvre or a bar if there’s a party, and it’s a place to put a nice vase with flowers or other decorative items.

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I like the idea of plants at the entry. It can take a large room and make it warm and homey.

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Will you guys come decorate my house? Nice work!

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^^ OK, but we’ll have to send you on a week long trip to Disneyworld like they do on Extreme Home Makeovers. : )

But we might be waylaid if I end up having my way with Ty Pennington : P

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@augustlan: I get lots of inspiration from Pinterest!

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